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754 - Learning Intensity, Introverts in the Workplace

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - October 15, 2012.
#754 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Intensity? Low or High Intensity in Learning!
2. Questions about Introverts, Please.
3. One Last Mobile Learning Survey Pulse.

1. Intensity? Low or High Intensity in Learning! One of the interesting design challenges for the learning world is all about “Intensity”. Sometimes we design very intensive high energy leadership retreats.  Other times we want to give learners casual on-demand access to a PDF with information. So, what is our design model for determining or designing learning intensity? And, what is the role of learners in that process?

I recently wrote an article for my column in CLO Magazine on “Learning Intensity”. Here is a copy:

2. Questions about Introverts, Please. I had a wonderful telephone session with Susan Cain, a great resource on Introverts, about how we deal with the Introvert/Extrovert mix in our workplaces. I would love to get a few questions that I might ask Susan during her keynote interview at Learning 2012. Send me a quick note to

3. One Last Mobile Learning Survey Pulse: We have had over 700 organizations respond to our Mobile Learning Pulse Survey and would like to get one more wave of Learning TRENDS responses. The data is quite revealing and we will publish the full details in about 10 days. But, could you take a few minutes and add your current plans and realities about Mobile Learning at

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