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752 - Duhigg Video on Patents, TV as a Learning Metaphor

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - October 9, 2012.
#752 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Charles Duhigg Video on Patent Issues - and Learning Field.
2. Television Changes as Predictor for Learning Changes.

1. Charles Duhigg Video on Patent Issues - and Learning Field: Take 3 minutes and watch a video from Charles Huhigg, a NY Times reporter who has just written a fascinating article about the implications of patents and innovation. Charles is also one of my keynoters at Learning 2012 and will talk about the role of Habits.


I will be asking Charles to expand on this topic a bit as it might affect our own learning field and even Learning Management Systems. There is an ongoing set of legal court cases brought by IPLearn, which “claims” to have major technology inventions with poorly issued patents, and then sues many LMS companies, forcing them to settle when the legal fees get too high. What are the implications for innovations in a field where sloppy business process patents are approved and then innovation dollars go to pay “licenses” rather than improve our LMS systems? Hmmmm.

We are very excited to have Charles Duhigg talking about the world of Habits and we will also take a few minutes to explore patents and “patent shills”.

2. Television Changes as Predictor for Learning Changes: I am working on a number of keynote metaphors for my opening session at Learning 2012 and wanted to share one of the images that is intriguing:

Think of how much TV has changed in the last years. When I was younger, a black and white TV was in my living room.  Yes, just black and white. But, more importantly, the TVMS - yes the TV Management System - was 3 networks and 2 local stations.

TV watching was done by schedule and everyone at once. You watched for one hour at 8 PM on Sunday night, or no program.

Think of how it has changed. First, the TV experience is different. It’s bigger, colorful, almost feels 3D and is placed in our rooms and sometimes on our mobile devices.

The management and timing of TV has switched to YOU - the viewer. You can watch at/by:

- Scheduled Time When Broadcast.
- From 100 to 2,000 Channels on Cable/Satellite.
- Via the DVR, VCR or Capture Capacity.
- On Demand from the Broadcaster.
- Streamed to your Laptop or Desktop or Smartphone.
- And, the wonderful Fast Forward Button.

Now, think of what that implies about the shifts in the world of Workplace Learning.

A few years ago, learning was a lot like an old TV.

Now, learning is also shifting —- Learner Choice, On-Demand, Personalization, Collaborative/Social Ratings and more.

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