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751 - No Adapter for New Phone, Mobile Learning, Seat Selection for Keynotes

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - October 4, 2012.
#751 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Mobile Learning or Mobility or Tomorrow?
2. Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter - Oops?
3. Chairs for Soft and Sharp Interviews!

1. Mobile Learning or Mobility or Tomorrow? So many of us are excited about Mobile Learning and the application of mobile devices to worker/workplace productivity. Yet, when we go out to the field and ask for concrete examples of Mobile Learning that are in place and working, there is more silence and aspiration than evidence. 

The MASIE Center is conducting an in-depth exploration of Mobile Learning and, in a few days, we will send you a TRENDS Survey to look at current plans, hopes and needs. 

But, we need to tone back a bit of the conversation about Mobile Learning and consider if we are in “Phase 1”, which is more about mobility. In other words, we are looking closer at how workers, with their own or corporate devices, are computing, communicating and collaborating with mobility. Clearly, there will be growing options, apps and designs that will give our organizations and learners increased ability to learn, practice, get support, collaborate and improve with the expanding devices. But, before we yell “Mobile Learning is Here”, let’s understand that we are just getting started and evidence-based experiments and innovations are more the reality today. Exciting times ahead, but let’s watch the “hype” meter.

2. Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter - Oops? I got my iPhone 5 and am quite happy, EXCEPT…there is not currently available an adapter to allow my new phone, which uses the Apple Lightening plug, to connect with the many devices that are for the iPhone 4 and other earlier devices. So, my phone does not work with the in-car power/connector, won’t fit into my cool portable speakers for iPhones and other things. Last night, I went to several stores to buy an adapter, but it is not shipping “yet”.  The catalog says in a few weeks. 

Ugh! Once you build an infrastructure of devices and adapters, if you are going to change to a new format, make sure that real-time adapters are available. Ugh!

3. Chairs for Soft and Sharp Interviews! Yesterday was “select-a-chair-for-keynoters-to-sit on” day. It is actually quite an elaborate process, including choosing color, height, leg length and even squishy factor for the seat. We want our speakers like General Colin Powell USA (Ret.) to be comfortable and also sharp in the chairs. So, it was a day of choice and factor filtering. Follow along with my Design Decisions at

Yours in Learning,

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