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707 - Learning-Mix: 2012 Challenge

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - February 1, 2012.
#707 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
55,588 Readers - - The MASIE Center.
Host of Learning 2012 - Oct 21 to 24 - Orlando, FL, USA.

1. “Learning-Mix”: Learning Theme & Challenge!
2. Video 4 Learning - User Demand Grows.
3. Kinect for Windows - Gesture Based Design?

1. “Learning-Mix”: Learning Theme & Challenge! One of my favorite activities at the start of a new year is to scan and select a few Learning Themes and Challenges to focus the work of The MASIE Center and as a core thrust at Learning 2012. Our first theme for 2012 is:


Organizations around the world are reporting an ever increasing “Mix” of how learners are accessing content, getting knowledge, blending personal and corporate technology, designing learning experiences, accessing formal and external expertise - and more! The “Learning-Mix” can be seen in the blend of resources that a worker accesses, ranging from structured classes and e-learning to on-demand user content, to personal social networks, to reformatting the flow of courses and to ever increasing uses of socially connected expertise and performance support. Increasingly, the learner is designing a small to large part of his/her own learning.

At Learning 2012, we will dive deep into the “Learning-Mix”: how it is challenging design assumptions, staffing models and working with (or without) Learning Management Systems. The MASIE Center will be exploring how we mix instructional design with learner choices and external resources. I would love to get a few notes from TRENDS readers on how the “Learning-Mix” in your organization is shifting and how our learners are blending some of their own learning experiences. Send a note to

2. Video 4 Learning - User Demand Grows. One of the most dramatic shifts in user demand can be seen in the area of short, video-based content and support. Learning leaders from around the world are reporting dramatic increases in You-Tube-like video segments for workers. We are also seeing a marked increase in the role of video on webinars and the rise of video chat/telepresence delivering learning and coaching resources to the workplace. Our most popular course at The MASIE Center has been the Video 4 Learning LAB & Seminar and we have just redesigned it to adjust to rapidly changing technologies (smart phone video capture), shifting prices (plasma screens for $400) and evolving expectations of both employees and even customers for video access. I will be leading the Video 4 Learning LAB from April 2 to 4 in Saratoga Springs. Each participant will receive a high def video camera and work on targeted learning projects during this hands-on event. Space is limited and online registration is now open at

3. Kinect for Windows - Gesture Based Design? Today, Microsoft is extending the Kinect system, a gesture based control element from the XBox gaming box to be accessible from Windows 7. Our Learning CONSORTIUM is starting an investigation this week to explore how learners’ gestures (hand motion to move a page or even request access to a nano-coach), facial recognition in webinars and embedded performance support might work. We are very excited to explore how gestures, expressions and context recognition can be added to design. You can check out this technology at Our Learning CONSORTIUM will be reporting the investigation’s efforts and beta examples in the months ahead.

Yours in learning,
Elliott Masie.

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