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708 - Personalization of Learning; Super Bowl Second Screens

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - February 6, 2012.
#708 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
55,595 Readers - - The MASIE Center.
Host of Learning 2012 - Oct 21 to 24 - Orlando, FL, USA.

1. “Personalization”: Learning Theme & Challenge!
2. Second Screens & Super Bowl.
1. “Personalization”: Learning Theme & Challenge! Here is the second of the Learning Themes and Challenges to focus the work of The MASIE Center and as a core thrust at Learning 2012. A key theme for 2012 is:

“Personalization of Learning”

When was the last time that you, as a learner, were able to truly personalize your experience in an organizationally delivered learning event? Very often, as we are explaining the latest in a new business process, skill set or technology, a good percentage of our learners already know some, much or almost all of the content; yet, the ability for a learner to have a personalized learning experience is quite rare.  How do we better focus learning moments and expenditures on the content that our workers need to know and accelerate or skip them through the stuff that they already know or will never encounter?

Personalization is a growing conversation in the world of K-12 education, a disruptive element of innovation in the Higher Education space and will surface as a much larger issue in the Corporate and Organizational Learning and Training arena in 2012 and beyond.

Imagine if a learner could be rapidly assessed (by self-report, peer/manager report or by testing) on which elements of a program they needed to “take” and which elements could be skipped, at least at this moment. Imagine if the learner could get deeper learning and performance support for the elements that were difficult or problematic. And, what if our learning systems could track, manage and facilitate the personalization of learning - by the learner and by the job role?

At Learning 2012, we will dive deep into “Personalization of Learning”: how it can be integrated into our design and delivery approaches, supported by our learning systems and made “OK” with our legal and compliance departments. The goal is not to reduce the learning investments, but rather to leverage available resources, technology, design and learner motivation to make the learning more targeted and outcome oriented. The MASIE Center will be working with corporate colleagues as well as connecting to some intriguing experiments from around the world in K-12, Higher Education, Continuing Education and home-based learning.

We will explore personalization in the classroom, in eLearning, in performance support and in the role of targeted collaboration and social resources. There is so much for us in the learning field to experiment with and understand about personalization. I would love to get a few notes from TRENDS readers on your thoughts and aspirations for “Personalization of Learning”. Send a note to

2. Second Screens & Super Bowl: One thing that was quite different this year at Super Bowl watching parties was the rise of “Second Screens”. Fans and non-fans alike were often using a tablet, smart phone or laptop to gain a second or deeper perspective about what was happening on the big screen in the living room. While I am a not a big football fan, I watched two screens throughout the game. I would be checking on the background of a player, an entertainer during half-time or even a football rule (now what was that 2 point Safety all about?). Other times, I found myself online with several colleagues located across the United States and one from Dubai, adding a social dimension to the game. In our living room, there were several second screens going.  By next year, I would assume that my second screen would be linked to the main screen, integrated with my webcam on top of the plasma, connecting to colleagues via Skype, creating an extended party. Is this all good?  Hmmmm.
We are at the start of the “second screen” moment and the design process to get the most personally rewarding Super Bowl experience is still ahead. But, we have a great opportunity to watch the rising impact of second screens. Now, if I could only have controlled viewing the cameras on the field! Stay tuned!

Yours in learning,
Elliott Masie.

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