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738 - Agile Classroom Spaces; Day by Day Countdown Blog

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - August 20, 2012.
#738 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Agile Classroom & Agile Learning.
2. Day to Day Countdown Blog - Design Visibility.

1. Agile Classroom & Agile Learning: Last week, 42 corporate learning directors from our CONSORTIUM gathered together in Saratoga Springs for a very intensive one day think-tank on the “Future of the Classroom”. We spent 8 hours exploring the ways in which our classrooms could and might change to meet changing learning needs and opportunities. The group came up with a few key points:

* Focus: Create an Agile Classroom for Agile Learning - A space and design mode that allows for rapidly adjusting content, collaboration and learning models as needs evolve.
* Agile Classroom Layout: Fully adjustable (by trainers or learners) furniture and seating for everything from 1 alone, 1 on 1, 1 with 6 and full group collaboration setups.
* Agile Technology: The classroom, with multiple flexible video connections, can be any of these key tech formats:
 - Learning LAB.
 - Learning Studio (with sage on the sides or fronts).
 - Learning Workout Space.
 - Multi-Platform Connectivity with Video Conferencing and Webinar Content.
 - Learning Mentoring and Coaching Environment.
* Agile Teaching and Training Skills.
* Agile Content Design Models.
* Agile Content Capture and Reuse Mix - With On-Demand and Live Blends.
* Agile Learning Personalization Capacity.

At Learning 2012, we will be building and adjusting a series of Agile Learning spaces to demonstrate and investigate the evolving classroom formats.

2. Day to Day Countdown Blog - Design Visibility: Why have a daily blog for two months leading up to an event? Most conferences are designed over the course of a few weeks that take place months before the event in order to get a slick and glossy catalog in the mail or snappy site on the web.

Learning 2012 has a very different DESIGN MODEL. Every day, our design team is “CURATING” new ideas, activities, suggestions and alternatives to make Learning 2012 an exciting and unique learning activity for our thousands of participants. DESIGN is a daily and also a “Countdown” process. In the 9 weeks ahead, we will make dozens of DESIGN additions, changes and alterations. We wanted to share our step by step excitement and activities with you.

This Countdown blog will contain our challenges and key decisions, ranging from session slants to Real-Time Content dimensions to formats for engaging participants before the event.

We will share our logistics decisions, like should we buy a bag for each participant with our logo on the side if most people are not collecting more paper and handouts? What would be a cooler alternative?  Should we have highly adversarial panels and almost knockout debates? And, what does the Introvert want at a highly collaborative learning event?

And, some things will FAIL. Learning 2012 is designed to be an active LAB and some ideas just won’t come to completion or will fail in the building process. As learning colleagues, we will share those with you as well. Have fun with our Day by Day Countdown Blog at

Yours in learning,

Elliott Masie

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