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Learning in 2012 Newsletter: View Online

TO: Learning, Training & Performance Colleagues
FROM: Elliott Masie, The Learning CONSORTIUM

RE: Learning Newsletter - 14 Pages of Content

We just finished our new Learning in 2012 Newsletter. This is a free, 14 page collection of articles, perspectives, content and context focused on Learning in 2012 and beyond.

View or Download at:

Articles Include:

* Learners Want Personalization.
* Learning Together: Social & Collaborative Learning.
* Susan Cain on Introverts
* What is the “e” in e-Learning?
* Video Expands Learning.
* Otello, Leadership & Learning by Nigel Paine.
* General Colin Powell’s Leadership Perspectives.
* LMS: More Learning Options, Please!
* Charles Duhigg on Habits.
* Performance Support Perspectives

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Yours in learning,

Elliott Masie

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