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741 - Webinar on Social Hype and Collaborative Learning, MD Anderson Cancer Center Honored

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - August 29, 2012.
#741 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Video Webinar: Social “Hype” & Collaborative Learning:
2. 100 Learning Sessions Announced.
3. MD Anderson Cancer Center Honored.

1. Video Webinar: Social “Hype” & Collaborative Learning: I am pleased to produce a free, one hour - online webinar on the opportunities, challenges, realities and “hype” of Social and Collaborative Learning.  There are many exciting innovations and design models for increasing collaborative learning. We must also add curriculum and learning design for effective “Working Together” approaches.And, there is an incredible amount of “Hype” - often confusing social media and social learning. Join me for a one hour, video webinar on this topic:

Video Webinar Title: Social “Hype” & Collaborative Learning
Facilitator: Elliott Masie
When: September 12 at 1 PM (Eastern Time) for One Hour
* What are the real innovations in social and collaborative learning?
* What are the “hype” elements?
* What are the key trends and challenges for social and collaborative learning in 2012?
* What are the differences and distinctions between social learning and collaborative learning design?
* When does social and collaborative learning work, and when is it over-hyped?
* How do we engage all generations and respect the introverts in our workplace?

There is no charge, but space is limited.  Reserve at:

2. 100 Learning Sessions Announced: Our Design Team is busy creating and curating content from learning colleagues around the world.  We are pleased to announce that a major chunk of the 200 Learning Sessions at Learning 2012 are now posted on our website.  In addition, this year 15% of the sessions and activities will be “Real-Time Content” - designed, formatted and delivered onsite by participants responding to Real-Time interests, concerns and benchmarking needs.  Here are the latest updates:

Learning Sessions:   .
Learning in 2012 Newsletter - Articles + Content:   .

3. MD Anderson Cancer Center Honored: We are pleased to announce The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center will receive the Learning Spotlight Award for excellence in education and training at our Learning 2012 conference, to be held October 21-24, in Orlando, Florida.  The Learning CONSORTIUM is honoring MD Anderson for its innovation developing new models for providing learning, knowledge and skills to its employees, collaborators, patients and their families. MD Anderson has pioneered new approaches to using video, eLearning and other media in its efforts to impact the cancer problem.

 “Achieving our mission to eliminate cancer requires new knowledge, so education is our mission area that enables the other three – patient care, research and prevention,” says Oliver Bogler, Ph.D., senior vice president for academic affairs and vice president for global academic programs at MD Anderson. “We continually work to employ the latest approaches to enhance our educational effectiveness, and we’re pleased to be recognized for these efforts.”

“MD Anderson truly innovates and pushes the boundaries of organizational learning to improve not only employee learning and performance, but also the quality of care and life for its patients. Learning 2012 is pleased to honor MD Anderson, spotlighting its leadership in the learning and performance field.” - Elliott Masie, Host & Curator.

Details at:

Yours in learning,

Elliott Masie

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