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746 - Scheduling Days - Go to the Board; Google Releases Course Builder

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - September 20, 2012.
#746 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Scheduling - A Day at the Board - Spaces, Time & People.
2. Google Releases “Course Builder” - Open Course Platform.
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1. Scheduling - A Day at the Board - Spaces, Time & People: Learning Designers are often engaged in content, needs assessment, sequencing and remediation.  All important stuff.

But, Scheduling is Also Key! Today, we are in the middle of “Scheduling Days” at The MASIE Center. Our design team is moving magnets - with over 200 learning options, sessions and discussions - into dozens of  different rooms in 9 time slots.

So, what goes best Monday morning in the first breakout session?  What would be awesome right after Susan Caine’s keynote on Introverts? When should we create unplanned “Real-Time” space for just in time sessions?  And, how to predict how many people will turn out for a “When to Dump Your LMS Session?” 

First we take days on the time board.  Then, we turn to a space and location board. Let it steep. Get multiple sets of feedback. Design for the high energy, coffee pumped learner - and also for the learner that does not really fully wake up until 11 am.

If you would like to see our Scheduling Process and Pictures in Motion - go to:

2. Google Releases “Course Builder” - Open Course Platform. Google has just released a new “Course Builder” to allow individuals and organizations to design and present Open Courses, much like they did with their free course this summer on Power Searching for Go0gle. It is in early beta and does require some tech background, but it is a cool addition to the open set of tools. Check it out at:

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