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747 - Kiosks or People, eBooks, Supplier Podcasts on Learning

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - September 25, 2012.
#747 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Learning Supplier’s View of Learning - Podcasts.
2. Kiosk or Face to Face Registration? Design Choice!
3. eBook: Opportunity for Learning Development?

1. Learning Supplier’s View of Learning - Podcasts. I am interviewing the CEO’s and leaders of major Learning Supplier organizations - on the current future trends in learning.  You can listen to these interview segments (3 to 10 minutes) with Learning Suppliers including: Ancile Solutions, GoToTraining by Citrix, Globecomm, GP Strategies, Harvard Business Publishing, Interactive Services, Intuition, KnowledgeVision, Maestro, NetDimensions, Ontuitive, OpenSesame, SAP, Skillsoft, Triple Creek and others. These are targeted, non-hyped conversations from the organizations creating our current and future products and services!

Listen to Podcasts At:

2. Kiosk or Face to Face Registration? Design Choice! To create Kiosks for self check-in or to use Registration Counters with greeters? This was one of my interesting design decisions.  I love airport check-in’s where I can rapidly get my boarding pass and head for the gate. So, should we deploy kiosks that would check-in people and print a name badge?  Or, should we have warm greeters at Registration Counters - handing name badges to each participant with welcoming conversations? Technology, methodology and community issues were part of this design decision. Check out our process at:

3. eBook: Opportunity for Learning Development? I have become quite fascinated with eBooks. In fact, almost 90% of the books that I purchase or read are now eBooks, from Amazon or other sources. But, what about using the eBook as a form factor for eLearning? 

Imagine if we could develop eBooks that had blends of the following functionalities:

* Content in Written Form (ala PDF).
* Video, Audio and Interactive Segments.
* Branching Content Based on Assessment or User Selection.
* Performance Support Components.
* Social and Collaborative Elements.
* Auto Updating of Content in New Colors and Highlighted Updates.
* And More…

I would love to hear from our Learning TRENDS readers about your views on eBooks and eLearning? While simple tools to make this happen are not fully available, can you imagine what the eBook of today (or tomorrow) might provide learners and learning organizations?  Send me a quick email to

Yours in Learning,

Elliott Masie
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