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749 - Buttons for Mingling; Mobile Learning Researcher

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - September 27, 2012.
#749 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Buttons for Mingling & Schmoozing!
2. Mobile Learning Researcher at MASIE Center.

1. Buttons for Mingling & Schmoozing! Today is Button Day here. Rather than issue those name badge “descenders” with phrases like Speaker or Sponsor, we opt for cool, artsy looking buttons.

In fact, we are about to order almost 10,000 buttons for the participants in Learning 2012 to choose and wear for 4 days in Orlando in less than a month.

* Introvert!
* Aging LMS?
* Totally Mobile.
* Classroom Trainer.
* Mentor Needed.

These are just a few of the fun buttons we are about to order. Check out our design process for these buttons, along with graphics of our current choice set at: And, if you have a few other ideas for buttons, please send me a note to

2. Mobile Learning Researcher at MASIE Center: We are honored to have a Researcher working for four months at The MASIE Center on the in’s and out’s of Mobile Learning. Videhi Bhamidi, a recent Masters graduate of the University of Oxford in the UK with studies in eLearning, is working with our team on expanding the research and perspectives on Mobile Learning.

In the coming weeks, you will receive some surveys from us focused on the reality and “hype” of Mobile Learning. For example, are more people using mobile devices for their own searching and contextual knowledge seeking or are companies really building authentic mobile learning packages? What are the pedagogical differences of a mobile learning process? And, when do highly mobile workers suffer from “distance or distraction” in a meeting due to compulsive device checking? We will also take a look at the current and future pathways for organizations to explore mobile learning options.

Join me in welcoming Videhi by writing to her at  We will be doing some Real-Time brainstorming on Mobile Learning options at Learning 2012.

Yours in Learning,

Elliott Masie
twitter: @emasie

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