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833 - Leadership Development Pulse Survey, Disney and JetBlue Behind the Scenes Tours

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - July 18, 2014.
#833 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Leadership Development Shifts? 5 Minute Pulse Survey.
2. Disney & JetBlue Behind the Scenes Tours Announced.
3. Norm Kamikow, CLO Publisher, Dies.

1. Leadership Development Shifts? 5 Minute Pulse Survey: Leadership Development courses, retreats, high-potential and coaching approaches are shifting in organizations around the world! New design models, a distributed workforce and changing expectations of rising leaders are part of the shift.  Please take 5 minutes to respond to The MASIE Center Pulse Survey on Leadership Development Shifts. This is an anonymous scan of how organizations are changing or not changing their leadership development approaches.  We will publish a summary in one week:

5 Minute - Leadership Development Shifts Pulse Survey.

2. Disney & JetBlue “Behind the Scenes” Tours Announced: We are pleased to offer 2 optional, low-cost “Behind the Scenes” tours of Disney and JetBlue for participants at our Learning 2014 program in Orlando on Sunday, October 26th:

* Disney Business Behind the Magic Tour: You will have the unforgettable opportunity to go behind the scenes and experience time-tested Disney business philosophies at one of the leading business operations in the world firsthand.  This 3-hour tour features the five core principles taught by Disney Institute and shows how they come to life each day at the Walt Disney World® Resort for Cast Members and Guests.

* JetBlue Tour: A two hour visit of the JetBlue training facility in Orlando providing a peek behind the flight deck door. During this unique opportunity you will tour the facility and see the equipment used for simulation based training. In addition you will have the opportunity to network and speak with some of JetBlue University’s training department and learn about some of the programs offered to their employees.

Space is limited and only open to registered Learning 2014 participants. Details and reservation forms at:

3. Remembering Norm Kamikow, CLO Publisher: Sadly, a key leader in the learning industry, Norm Kamikow, the founder and publisher of CLO Magazine, passed away suddenly on Monday. Norm has been an important publisher, convener and collaborator for decades in the learning and talent fields.

Over the years, Norm has added new publications, events and research services to the learning field. I have been honored to be a regular columnist in CLO Magazine and keynoter at his conferences.  Norm has moved our field forward, supported knowledge sharing amongst learning implementers and been a valued partner in our field.  We will miss Norm’s humor, directness and optimism.

Yours in learning,

Elliott Masie
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