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My Train and TESLA to Learning, Forwarding Video

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - October 23, 2015.
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1. Taking the TRAIN & TESLA to Learning.
2. Video to Forward?
3. Just in Time Learning - 9 Days!

1. Taking the TRAIN & TESLA to Learning: One of my traditions is to take an Amtrak train from New York to Orlando each year for the start of our annual Learning event. While I love flying, it is powerful for me to take an overnight train as a way of reflecting, planning and relaxing before hosting 2,000 colleagues. This year, my trip will have an extra element. I’m taking my all-electric TESLA, which was just upgraded to Auto-Steering, on the train.

I will be driving the TESLA from Manhattan to Lorton, VA on Tuesday and then loading it on the AutoTrain, which will take me and the car on an overnight trip to Orlando. I will relax in a small bedroom with my wireless and books. At Learning 2015, we will explore the impact of innovations like Auto-Steering and Self-Driving as we look at the larger issue of robotics, machine learning and more. Steve Wozniak owns 2 TESLAs, my colleague Nick Howe is coming with his TESLA, and several learning designers from the TESLA factory are registered. We will have the TESLA on display next to our NASCAR tire changing contest.

Here are some pictures and my blog about the “Train-to-Learning” habit of mine:

I would love to chat by phone with you if you are along the route from VA to Orlando on Tuesday afternoon and evening. Send me an email to and a good time to call.

2. Video to Forward? We are hearing from many learning coordinators that they are moving much of their video content collections to alternative hosting sites in order to allow learners to securely forward key video segments to other learners (usually behind the firewall). The viral nature of great video, where peer-to-peer sharing occurs, is an intriguing trend to follow. Check it out!

3. Just in Time Learning - 9 Days! In just 9 days, we will have the honor of opening Learning 2015 to over 2,000 participants. Last night, at 1:14 am, we took our 2,000th registration (this one is from Singapore). There is still time for you and your colleagues to come to Orlando for Learning 2015, which kicks off on Sunday, November 1st. We have added extra hotels and extra cool innovations focused on learning! Check out website at   Hope to see you in Orlando!

All Aboard the Train to Learning :)

Yours in learning,

Elliott Masie
Host, Learning 2015
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