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892 - MEMEs in Learning ala George Takei, Learning Diversity

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - October 16, 2015.
#892 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. MEMEs in Learning? Lessons from George Takei.
2. Diversity in Learning Universe - Honor the Range!
3. Music Added to Learning 2015 - Over 1,917 Participating.

1. MEMEs in Learning? Lessons from George Takei: Yesterday, I had the honor of delivering a Keynote Address for several hundred media professionals who work in the world of US Intelligence (CIA, DOD, Army, etc).  My opening slide had a photograph of George Takei, the star of our musical Allegiance that is now in previews on Broadway.  Interestingly, once people saw that slide before I began my address, dozens came up to start talking about George Takei and his Social Media Presence.  So, I did a just in time adjustment and reframed much of the talk about him and how he has used MEMEs - illustrations with striking comments - as his primary vehicle for building and communicating with over 10 Million likes, followers and contacts on Facebook and Twitter.

Our conversation evolved to how we might use the Meme, taking a key still (or now we are starting to see VEMEs, which use 6 second videos) to communicate a key learning lesson or provocative statement.

I am fascinated about this conversation and will explore it at The MASIE Center.  If you want to respond about MEMEs, send me a note to and let’s explore this.

2. Diversity in Learning Universe - Honor the Range! We must be careful not to innovate around a non-diverse sense of the audience of learners.  I hear people say things like “our workers are all mobile” or “no one wants to go to class anymore”.  In fact, some of those may be true, but there is also a huge diversity of learning styles, histories, preferences and even managerial permissions.  Let’s keep open our learning choices, aiming to touch and support a much wider range of learning modes. At the end of the day, our goal is to support the workforce in learning for performance, regardless of the learning method chosen.

3. Music Added to Learning 2015 - Over 1,917 Participating:  As we close in on 2,000 registered learning leaders at our upcoming Learning 2015 event (Nov 1 to 4, Orlando), I am adding the last minute musical and artistic elements to sweeten the settings at our General Sessions.  We are pleased to announce:

- Learning 2015 Musical Director: Marco Paguia, who will be providing music throughout the event.  Marco is an accomplished Broadway Musical Director, having led shows like If/Then, Peter & The Starcatcher, The Adams Family and our new show Unknown Solider.
- Anna María Pérez de Tagle, a powerful actress and singer, will add a fun and engaging musical welcome for both Steve Wozniak and Sal Khan.  Anna María starred in Godspell on Broadway and was featured on Hanna Montana, Fame, Camp Rock and other shows.
- A Surprise Opening Number - can’t give it all away.  It will weave music, history and learning together.

There are still Just in Time registration discounts available and 2 more hotels with free transportation.  Info and online registration at

Yours in learning,

Elliott Masie
Host, Learning 2015
Twitter: emasie

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