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891 - Just in Time Learning, Allegiance Begins Tonight

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - October 6, 2015.
#890 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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Host: Learning 2015 - Nov 1 to 4 - 1,734 Colleagues Now Registered!

1. Just in Time Learning!
2. Japan, Taiwan & Korea Learning.
3. Allegiance Begins - Join us in New York City!

1. Just in Time Learning! We live in a time of Just in Time Learning. Our learners and their managers often focus or switch their focus Just in Time. And, as producers of events, we have all adjusted to last minute decisions and timelines.

Learning 2015 is a perfect example. We are honored to now have 1,734 global learning colleagues registered for Learning 2015 - from November 1st to 4th in Orlando.  This is amazing and significantly higher than last year.  So, what is a learning producer to do in terms of planning hotels, meals, supplies and experiences? Well, that is the shift to Just in Time Learning Planning.

In the coming month, we know that hundreds more colleagues may be registering for Learning 2015 and we have added these Just in Time Learning expansions:

- Early Registration Discount Extended until October 24th.
- Two More Nearby Hotels Added – With Free Shuttle Transportation.
- New MeetUp Connections Added for Real-Time Conversations.
- New Beta: Digital Beacon Scanning Help to Find New Colleagues.
- Curation Volunteers in Every Session for Content/Context Sharing.

If you or your colleagues are planning on attending, we are ready! Just check out the Program Guide and complete schedule at

Just in Time Learning means you are delighted with 1,734 awesome participants and you are prepared for several hundred more. Welcome to the world of continuous and agile change.

2. Japan, Taiwan & Korea Learning: I have just returned from a 7 day trip to 3 countries, to deliver a keynote address at the ATD event in Taiwan and to meet with learning and theater colleagues in Japan and Korea. 

Learning in Asia is booming. There is a deep shift happening with the rise of more local/regional learning approaches, reflecting the rising use of technology and blending learning more tightly with local culture. Here are just a few impressions from my visits with Asian colleagues:

- WebChat Apps Dominating Learning Collaboration: A shift towards WeChat, WebChat and other apps for corporate and cross-community collaboration.
- Blended Learning Mix Rising: Deep shifts towards “flipped classroom” and desire to make classroom engagement more engaging.
- Hero Teachers/Tutors: Mirroring the rise of Hero Teachers for augmenting K to 12 learning. The rise of workplace Hero Teaching.
- Scout Badging to Lifelong Badging: Fascination with extending the Scout Badge model to a lifelong and credentialed for workplace badging system.
- Working Globally Isn’t Easy: Desire to explore HOW to work and collaborate across borders and cultures.
- When You Can’t Fire Someone: Interesting conversations with Tokyo colleagues about the challenge of a non-firing society. How to deal with mis-matches.
- Beyond the MBA: Lowered interest in the MBA as the key business certification. Design, Innovation and User Experience are rising in degree ladder.

I came away from my visits with a desire to make Global Learning one of the major MASIE Center focuses in the coming years. I will be going to Manila in the middle of November to work with corporations and government leaders on these issues and plan to travel more extensively in 2016 working on learning globally. Stay tuned!

3. Allegiance Begins - Join us in New York City! Tonight is a very powerful time for MASIE Productions.  We have been involved as producers of Allegiance, a new musical starring Lea Selonga, George Takei, Telly Leung and dozens of other incredible actors. It is the story of the internment of Japanese Americans in World War II and the choices that family members made in those times. It is an inspiring, historical, romantic and amazing production with music and storylines that will move you deeply. Many of you will remember Lea Selonga from her role as the first Kim in Miss Saigon, George Takei from Star Trek and Telly Leung from Glee. They are unforgettable.

I am offering a special MASIE Friends and Colleagues discount for Allegiance, which is starting performances tonight. If you are in NYC or can come here in the coming months, please access this special discount code at:

To watch some video segments about Allegiance:

And, please send a note to us wishing for us all to “Break a Leg…”

Yours in learning,

Elliott Masie
Host, Learning 2015
Twitter: emasie

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