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890 - Oil Rig Learning, Curators and Connectors, Trip to Asia

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - September 24, 2015.
#890 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Oil Rig Learning - Onshore?
2. New Roles: Curators & MeetUp Connectors.
3. Your PitCrew Car is Designed!
4. Asia Visit Next Week

1. Oil Rig Learning - Onshore? We had an incredible day of being at an oil rig, except it was onshore. This is a highly immersive learning facility in Louisana, The Shell Robert Training Center, which I visited last week to experience how a worker is trained for the skills and safety of working on an off-shore oil drilling or exploration facility.

It was amazing! From a simulation of how to pilot a lifeboat, to surviving a smoke filled helicopter, to a water-based immersion experience, to a full engineering simulation, we had hands-on experiences with the skills and readiness levels for employees going to work on an off-shore rig.

Shell conducts the Center with a schedule that is a full emulation of life off-shore. Learners are there for 2 weeks, never leaving the facility, with the same workday calendars that they will experience off-shore.  The bunks are the same as the ones on the rig. Meals are exactly the same. And, the challenges and lifestyle of life on a rig are deeply reflected in the experiences at the Center. Most of the learning is done in experiential lab mode, giving learners rigor, challenges and the ability to “fail their way to success” in the simulations.

This reinforced my belief that we should add a deeper set of immersive experiences to all of our learning models - both face-to-face and online. Here is a link to the Shell Robert Training Center:  And, thanks to the team at Shell for hosting us on this eye-opening visit.

2. New Roles: Curators & MeetUp Connectors: We have created two new roles at Learning 2015 for participants wanting deeper curation and connection to new colleagues:

* Curators: Every session at Learning 2015 will have a volunteer curator. This role will be to take notes and observations about the dialogues and discussions in the 60 minute breakouts. These notes, along with any materials from facilitators, will be shared with the larger community of participants at Learning 2015.  The curators will be visually highlighted so that other participants can share links or ideas with them to be included in the curators’ notes. We will be soliciting curators from the Learning 2015 community in a few weeks. But, if you are planning on attending and would like to curate a session, send a note to

* MeetUp Connectors: How do people meet folks with the same background, industry focus, learning interests or other factors? Participants will be able to use our online Engage App and there is always the wonderfully random process of meeting someone at a coffee break. We are adding another role this year: the MeetUp Connector. There will be MeetUp Connectors for various industries, such as healthcare or airlines, and they will be very present at the different large gatherings of Learning 2015.  The MeetUp Connectors will help to make “connections” and also organize short MeetUps. For example, a MeetUp could happen at lunch or as an after-session drink. If you are planning on attending and would like to be a MeetUp Connector for an industry, please send a note to

As you can tell we are in deep planning mode for Learning 2015. Our registrations are running higher than previous years and we have been adding additional hotels (with transportation) to accommodate the over 1,800 colleagues coming to Learning 2015. Please register soon at

3. Your PitCrew Car is Designed! We just got the design for the NASCAR-like race car that will be in place at Learning 2015.  You and your colleagues will compete as you learn how to speedily change the tires and collaborate in this fun, immersive experience. Check out the pictures at: 

4. Asia Visit Next Week: I am honored to be giving one of the keynotes at the ATD Conference to be held in Taiwan next week. So, on Saturday I will journey to Tokyo for 2 days, spend 4 days in Taiwan and 1 day in Seoul.  If any Learning TRENDS readers are in Japan, Korea or Taiwan and would like to say hi, please send me a note to

Yours in learning,

Elliott Masie
Host, Learning 2015
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