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886 - Susan Cain on Quiet, Cursive Skills, Producer Shivers

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - August 17, 2015.
#886 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Susan Cain on Quiet and Introverts in Workplace.
2. Cursive Skills Feedback Galore.
3. Producer Shivers: Allegiance Begins

1. Susan Cain on Quiet and Introverts in Workplace: We are honored to feature Susan Cain, author of “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” for a live, interactive video interview with the participants of Learning 2015 at our closing General Session on November 4th. Susan’s work on the reality and myths of introversion and the impacts in the workplace are so important. As we move into an ever more social and collaborative culture of the workplace, how do we honor and engage all of our workers - respecting their styles? Details at:

2. Cursive Skills Feedback Galore: When I asked TRENDS readers to take a few minutes and write 3 lines in “cursive/script” I got what I was asking for. Almost 1,000 responses from learning colleagues around the world have come in and it was intriguing to read and reflect on those comments.

Almost 90% of folks reported that their cursive writing skills are mildly to significantly lowered. About 10% still have strong cursive skills. Most of them had regular habits to keep cursive alive in their skill box, including taking notes in cursive or writing greeting notes on a frequent basis.

A large number of responders talked about their own personalized Blended Cursive. They mix Cursive with Print, Cursive with Upper Case, and even mix Cursive with LOL/OMG internet terms.

Several reported that their children not only don’t have any cursive writing skills, they’re not able to read notes in cursive from their grandparents.

Clearly, our skills will flow with the shifts in the cultural utilization and technology adaptions.

3. Producer Shivers - Allegiance Begins: Yesterday was a very emotional day for MASIE Productions. We are producers of a new Broadway show called Allegiance, which will start previews in just about 6 weeks.

It is a show about the time in U.S. History, during World War II, where American citizens of Japanese descent, who lived on the West Coast, were put into detention centers for many years. The beautiful music is focused on the personal story of our star, George Takei (of Star Trek fame).

Yesterday was the first day of “school” for Allegiance. The cast, crew and key producers gathered in a rehearsal studio on 42nd Street in Manhattan and launched this last stage of development. It was so powerful to hear the words of the lead producer, the director and George Takei as they framed the emotional and historical relevance of this work.

Tears flowed from all of our eyes as we realized the power of telling a story that has been told very rarely - and to see the implications for everyone. George Takei recounted his own experience as a young boy being relocated to one of the “camps”.

Producers, whether we work in corporate learning or on Broadway, are always striving to make deep connections with content, context, powerful stories and individual response. Producing is enabling powerful moments of learning and impact for people in ways that move them! It creates shivers as stories and lessons come together in these powerful ways.

Yours in learning,

Elliott Masie
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