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887 - Back to School Time? Maestro and Orchestra in the Audience

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - September 1, 2015.
#887 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Back to School Thoughts on Sept. 1?
2. Maestro & Orchestra in Audience - Dynamics and Leadership.
3. 1,000th Learning Colleague Registers for Learning 2015.

1. Back to School Thoughts on Sept. 1?  I get a familiar feeling every year as September 1 approaches. My brain kicks into “Back to School” mode. Confession: as a kid, I was one of the students that LOVED to go back to school. While summer vacation was great, the upcoming start of school was marked with several key rituals, some of which I find myself still doing around this date:

* New School Supplies: My mom would take me to buy a few new school supplies. I still find myself going to the store and buying one or two new notebooks and even thinking about getting a brightly colored pencil holder.
* Reinforcements for Loose Leaf Paper: OK, I will date myself here. I would spend several hours sticking round plastic reinforcements around the holes on my loose leaf paper. (For my younger colleagues, here is a picture of one:
* Read Ahead to Be Ready: I would find out the name of one of the books that we would be reading in school and check it out at the library. I still do that when I take a new course.
* Practice Day 1 Show and Tell: I got my start as a public speaker with Show and Tell at school. On the first day, we would be asked to stand up and share 2 minutes on “What I Did on My Summer Vacation”. I would practice and come in with a few artifacts to share. I even organized a few of my friends to practice our Day 1 talks at home the night before.
* Questions Galore: I would keep a list of questions that I had about everything and I would bring them to school, much to the delight or horror of that year’s teacher.

In a nutshell, my year started on September 1st. I still love to get wall calendars that go from September to September. And, I find that many of my learning colleagues view the true and personal start of the year as aligning with the Start of School. More classes and learning programs are rolled out after September 1st and we often say, “let’s get back to that after Labor Day”.  There is a refreshing sense of starting anew this time of year and, as I write this, I am planning my trip to the store to get some “reinforcements”. Would love to hear from others that are in Back to School mode:

2. Maestro & Orchestra in Audience - Dynamics and Leadership: Imagine a symphony orchestra embedded in the audience and playing their instruments.  Imagine sitting around the musicians and the conductor, seeing the dynamics of the music and orchestra in action.

We are honored to announce that Maestro Roger Nierenberg will host the Music Paradigm experience at Learning 2015.  On Monday afternoon’s Learning 2015 General Session, you will have a very unique, powerful experience, focusing on organizational dynamics, leadership and the role of “performance”.

We are honored to present Maestro Roger Nierenberg’s Music Paradigm.  The Learning 2015 participants will be seated within a live professional orchestra where they can observe highly trained musicians as they perform. The participants’ attention will be drawn to fascinating and unexpected organizational dynamics within the orchestra. Maestro will be our teacher, conductor, coach and facilitator as the room fills with music and learnings about the dynamics of organizations and leadership. Details at:

3. 1,000th Learning Colleague Registers for Learning 2015: We just took the 1,000th registration for Learning 2015 (Nov 1 to 4, Orlando, FL, USA).  We are delighted that Bee Ng, Vice President, Tech L&D with Visa, Inc from California is participant #1,000 this year. I look forward to greeting Bee with a special surprise gift when she arrives in Orlando this fall!

Yours in learning,

Elliott Masie
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