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888 - Letter to Your Boss; Curate Webinars, Moonshine Cate Runs

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - September 8, 2015.
#888 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Letter to Your Boss - From Elliott Masie.
2. Curating Clips from Webinars.
3. Moonshine Cate - A First Race Experience.

1. Letter to Your Boss - From Elliott Masie: I just finished writing my annual Letter to Your Boss, asking your manager for support to have you and your colleagues attend Learning 2015 (Nov 1st to 4th, Orlando).

Gaining approval for attending a conference often involves educating your management about your need as a learning professional to be a learner, too! 

The letter, which was downloaded last year by over 1,400 colleagues, is meant to spur a conversation about our development as learning colleagues. Access the note at:

2. Curating Clips from Webinars: One of the great hopes (and often disappointments) is that learners will go back and stream a stored webinar. Many times, our schedules make it impossible to attend an hour-long session or class. The the ease of recording, storing and streaming these sessions raises great hope for re-use.

But, the numbers are startling. Very few learners, even with the best of intentions, actually access and view an entire session. One hour (the default length of most webinars) is too long for many and there is often a lack of desire to view the entire session.

Part of the answer is to Curate smaller clips from a webinar - often as short as 3 to 5 minutes - on a specific issue or topic. Offer the learners options:

* The ability to view individual clips - indicating the content (in detail) and time length. Give them the ability to view them in sequence or jump around.
* The ability to watch the entire webinar in sequence.
* Add chapter tabs to the captured video - marking each segment accordingly.

These choices will take some time and skill in video curation, but will be much appreciated by your learners.  And, watch the consumption pattern of the clips, which can help you refine and reshape future production.  I would even suggest adding a rating for the clips, based on their frequency of use.  Finally, add a second or two between topics or questions to make the curation process easier.

3. Moonshine Cate - A First Race Experience: MASIE Stable had a horse with her first race on Labor Day, the last day of the Saratoga Meet. Her name is Moonshine Cate and she was bred from our mare Miss Matzo. Moonshine Cate is 2 years old and, as with any new learner, experience and practice is key. After many months of daily exercise, running and practice, her first race was Monday.

It was a delight to watch her race 6 1/2 furlongs - halfway around the grass track. For the first 1/2 of the race, she was in last place. According to the jockey, she was having a great time. “She was running on grass, which was new. She was loving the nice air and the feel of running behind some cool horses.”

But, as she turned the corner for the last half, the jockey said she figured out the game was to get to the front. She suddenly raced faster, passing horse 6 horses, and came in 4th (almost 3rd). The track timer said she ran the fastest of all the horses for the last half, and she came out happy and proud. The vet said she was sound, healthy and ready to race again (at a longer pace) soon in Belmont.

As an owner and designer, it is fascinating to watch the developmental cycle of the horse. If you want to see a video, Moonshine Cate is horse #2 with the jockey wearing The MASIE Stable colors - in pink with the outline of a house. Enjoy it at:

Yours in learning,

Elliott Masie
Host, Learning 2015
Twitter: emasie

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