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940 - Taking the Train to Learning Today, Digital Signage, Apple Earphone Mistake

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - October 18, 2016.
#940 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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Host: Learning 2016, Oct 23 to 26, Orlando - 1,621 Colleagues Registered 

1. Taking the TRAIN to LEARNING!
2. Digital Signage for Everywhere Learning.
3. Darn, the Apple Earphone Switch is Frustrating.
4. Last Minute Registration is Open - Hotel Rooms Added! 

1. Taking the TRAIN to LEARNING!  I am continuing a 20 year tradition of taking the TRAIN to Florida to host the Learning 2016 Event.  Today at 3 pm, I will board the Amtrak Silver Star in Washington, DC and for the next 18 hours zoom down to Orlando, Florida.  It is a time of reflection, final planning and relaxing before hosting an event with over 1,600 global learning colleagues.  I would love to chat with some TRENDS readers who live along the way. Here is a map and invite to chat: 

2. Digital Signage for Everywhere Learning: The “e” in eLearning is all about EVERYWHERE!  So, I have always wanted to stretch our own use of digital signage as a learning component for our event. This year, we are experimenting with very large screens, Android media players and dynamic signage for adding engagement, updates, personalization and more. Details at: 

3. Darn, the Apple Earphone Switch is Frustrating. I really enjoy Apple products and use their phones, tablets and desktops. But, when they change an interface and make millions of devices stranded, it is annoying.  My new iPhone 7+ is great, but last night, I could not listen through my earphones and also be charging the phone.  Apple’s ending of the earphone plug is annoying and not focused on good user experience. Darn! 

4. Last Minute Registration is Open - Hotel Rooms Added!  If you and your colleagues are able to add Learning 2016 as a last minute event choice, we have extended our discount program and added more Disney hotel rooms.  Go to and access the Last Minute Registration Fees. 

Yours in Learning, 

Elliott Masie 

Twitter: emasie 

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