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938 - Personalized Job Aids, Storytelling, Orientation Video

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - October 6, 2016.
#938 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Personalized Job Aids!
2. Orientation Video from Elliott Masie.
3. Storytelling as a Skill. 

1. Personalized Job Aids! As we experiment with adding Personalization to the workplace learning process, there is a simple strategy that can give the learner an immediate win in making learning more personal. 

“My Job Aid & Chart” is a strategy to encourage and enable learners to create, edit, or personalize a Job Aid or Task Chart, focused on their own needs and situations. Imagine if a learner could select the 20 items from a training program on using a new Customer Management System that are either most critical or confusing to them. And, imagine if they could number, colorize, or re-order the items on “My Job Aid”. What if we could let them add their own notes, colorization, and even intense reminders to avoid their most common mistakes? Whoosh! It could be made available to them as a print out, a laminated job aid, a pop-up on the screen, or right on their mobile device. 

The learner wants Personalization to help them focus, prioritize, and lower their confusion level on the path to readiness.  

Go forward a bit and imagine that Machine Learning systems would assist, update, and add data-driven advice to the learner’s choices. A future LMS, LCMS, or Talent System could make huge waves if they follow this pathway. 

2. Orientation Video from Elliott Masie: I have just made a 9 minute Orientation Briefing for the 1,600 participants in Learning 2016. Check it out at: 

3. Storytelling as a Skill. The ability to tell a compelling, engaging, and trusted story is a skill. Storytelling happens in an increasingly wider and more technological context. Organizations can assist leaders and subject matter experts with training, coaching, and feedback models for higher impact stories and storytelling. One of my speakers at Learning 2016, George Takei, has been focused on blending storytelling, social media, and even “memes” (using an image and storyline) as a high impact approach.  Let’s weave storytelling into our development programs. 

Yours in Learning, 

Elliott Masie 

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