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944 - Thanksgiving for Learning

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - November 23, 2016
#944 - Thanksgiving for Learning
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Thanksgiving for Learning! 

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States, let me add my list of Thanks for the world of Learning: 

- Choices: Learners have ever more choices for how they can learn.
- Connected: Learners are connected to people, apps and knowledge.
- Evolving: Our models of learning production and sharing are expanding.
- Virtual & Video: For low costs, learners can use or create engaging videos.
- Mobility: Devices have expanded learning, both personally and around the world.
- Skills: Learning will provide learners new skills many times in their lives.
- Personalization: Each learner can and will personalize their learning routes.
- The “E” Expands: e-Learning is expanding with new “E”s:
  * Everywhere
  * Everyone
  * Evolving
  * Engaging
  * Efficiency
  * Effectiveness
  * Evidence-Based
  * Evolving 

Thanks to the Learning TRENDS Colleagues for all that we are exploring and learning together. And, thanks to Learning for making this an exciting time for Learning! 

Yours in Learning, 

Elliott Masie
Host, Learning 2017

Twitter: @emasie

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