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943 - Learning Curiosity Measures, Learning Innovations LAB Grows

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - November 17, 2016
#943 - Learning Curiosity Measure, New TRENDS Server
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1. Learning TRENDS - New Server 19 Years Later!
2. Curiosity - We Need a Metric Measure…
3. Learning Innovations LAB Added in February. 

1. Learning TRENDS - New Server 19 Years Later! Yes, Learning TRENDS is almost 20 years old.  I started it in 1997 as a small email to some colleagues and it has grown into an occasional newsletter that I send out to almost 60,000 learning colleagues around the world.

I have used the same server for these past two decades, but it is time for me to add some small amount of HTML and graphical elements and move towards a more personalized Learning TRENDS in the coming months.  So, here it is. 

If you have colleagues that would like to receive this free and vendor-neutral Elliott Masie occasional rant, rave and perspective on learning, send them to 

2. Curiosity - We Need a Metric Measure…  As the author of Big Learning Data, I receive many emails from colleagues with thoughts and ideas about the expanding world of learning data and analytics. 

One colleague asked a question about the Measures of Learning Curiosity.  She wanted to know if there were any ways to indicate (from the learner themselves or other measures) how curious a person was about a topic they were about to learn.  If we had that measure, it might shape the design, format and activities that would be optimal.  If the measure were low, it might show a need for some pre-learning intervention. 

Does anyone have ideas or research on this? Send me a note to

3. Learning Innovations LAB Added in February.  Our most popular LAB for Learning Professionals has almost filled up for January 2017.  So, we have opened up an additional section: 

Learning Innovations LAB
Host: Elliott Masie
February 1 to 3, 2017 - Saratoga Springs, NY USA
Details and online registration at: 

Yours in Learning, 

Elliott Masie
Host, Learning 2017

Twitter: @emasie

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