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942 - Presidential Transition Process Plans: HR, Learning and Talent

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - November 10, 2016.
#942 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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Special: Presidential Transition Talent and Learning Process. 

Two days after the Election, it is timely for Learning, Training and Human Resource colleagues to turn our attention to the intriguing process of the Presidential Transition.  In the next few months, thousands of new hires for Presidential Appointments will be made and much more with the orderly leadership transition process that is unique and impressive about the United States. 

I have had exposure and some experience with the Presidential Transition Process in previous administrations and it is supported by a true non-partisan organization, Partnership for Public Service. For the past few months, teams from both major candidates have been working in the same building in DC, along with staff from the Partnership, planning every element of the Transition.  This includes: 

- Details of Thousands of Jobs to be Filled in Federal Agencies and Embassies Globally.
- Background and Security Checking Processes Established.
- HR Talent and Recruitment System Set Up for Deployment Day After Election.
- Defining Key Candidates for Senior Positions (Cabinet and Sub-Cabinet).
- Building the Day by Day Schedule for the incoming new Administration.  Including, co-location of several key hires to help with transition.
- Detailed Elements for Planning, Inauguration and More.
- Out-Going Transition for President Obama’s Team.
- Learning, Training and Orientation Processes for New Team Members. 

I would suggest that you go to this website and look at the eBook or PDF of the Presidential Transition Team.  It will intrigue you as a colleague in our field: 

From an organizational and culture perspective, it is fascinating to explore how a Campaign Team, which has been in a political battle mode, shifts into a Transition Team with a very different mode of operation. 

Hope you enjoy these Talent, Learning and HR Perspectives. 

Yours in Learning, 

Elliott Masie 

Twitter: emasie 

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