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941 - Learning Conversations, Curation Importance, Allegiance to Big Screen

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - November 4, 2016.
#941 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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Host: Learning Innovations LAB - January 18-20 - Saratoga Springs, NY 

1. Five Learning Conversations about Learning!
2. E is for Everywhere Learning - Beyond Devices.
3. Curation is Essential for Events: Video Example.
4. Allegiance Video in Movie Theaters in December. 

1. Five Learning Conversations about Learning! There were five intriguing conversations at Learning 2016, which just ended last week in Orlando, with 1,625 global colleagues.  Here are the five conversations that were core for me and will continue in our work going into 2017: 

- The Learning Panorama Expands: We are moving from mandating a single learning activity (class or eLearning) for a worker to a more engaged learner, who has a literal Learning Panorama of choices.  These include L&D content, structured programs, open content (e.g. TED), peer connections, user offered content and shoulder to shoulder coaching from fellow workers.  The Learning Panorama is growing and is being driven by workers more than the L&D department.

- Learning Recommendations Desired: The learner would love to get a set of personalized Learning Recommendations to help them sort through the choices in the Learning Panorama. They want recommendations based on trusted ratings from peers, subject matter expert guidance and, soon, input from Machine Learning systems that will match activities to their needs, histories and styles.  The Learning Recommendation functionality may be part of or added to an LMS or LCMS.

- Video Stretches to Shorter, AR, Searchable and More: The role of video in learning content keeps growing radically.  In many organizations, video content exceeds the consumption to text or graphical content. And, the video formats are evolving to be more compressed, including Virtual Reality, 360 Views, Searchable Elements and more. Yet, many organizations’ Learning Systems are inadequate to handle increased video usage and personalization.

- Experiences Are Learning, Too: Let’s move from creating classes and courses to more Experiences.  Imagine experiences as varied as a Structured 1 Day Stretch Assignment, A Learning Escape Room, A Deconstruction of a Business Process or even an Audio Facilitated Guided Tour of a Business Area - with content supplied through earphones to augment the visual.  Learners are thirsty for Experiences!

- Brain/Learning World Explored: We dove into the world of Brain Science and Bio Data to explore how the world of learning might be shaped by breakthroughs in the study of cognitive processes.  Imagine wearing a FitBit for Learning or getting a Brain Scan that illustrates how you, as a learner, respond to content. 

Each of these conversations rattled around our 3 1/2 days at Learning 2016 and will be expanded and explored in the work of The MASIE Center and in future Learning TRENDS notes.  Stay tuned! 

2. E is for Everywhere Learning - Beyond Devices: We have been exploring how we move learning from classrooms and desktops/laptops/phones to more of an “Everywhere” element.  At our recent event we experimented with two versions: 

- Learning Digital Signage: We leveraged 12 large screens throughout the conference area, each connected to an Android Device, which could be easily programmed with a Digital Sign rotation that was appropriate for the time. It was very powerful to be able to have content on screens as people left a keynote like Anderson Cooper - that would suggest additional conversations.  The cost and complexity of Digital Signage has gone done dramatically in recent months.

- LearningTV to Hotel Rooms: Each morning, our participants could wake up to a LearningTV show, hosted by Allison Anderson and myself, providing learning appetizers for the coming day.  The shows were about 12 minutes long and produced in a simple LearningTV studio right in the learning space. 

The E in eLearning can also be about Everywhere!  More details to follow on these techniques in weeks to come. 

3. Curation is Essential for Events - Video Example: After a major class, program or conference, the learning professional has a massive opportunity to also create and facilitate Curation of content.  Here is a short video that we just released that is an example: 

Learning Curation Video by Elliott Masie. 

I am evolving my design thinking to allocate about 20% of design time AFTER the program to Curation Facilitation. 

4. Allegiance Video in Movie Theaters in December: TRENDS readers followed our role as producers of Allegiance, a Broadway show starring Lea Selonga, George Takei and Telly Leung.  Now, we can announce that Allegiance will be shown in over 400 movie theaters across the U.S. on December 13th.  We captured an amazing movie of the show and you can see and feel the excitement of this story. Here is an announcement and video clip: 

Allegiance in Movies in December! 

It is an amazing story and we hope that many of you can see it at your local theaters. 

Yours in Learning, 

Elliott Masie 

Twitter: emasie 

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