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946 - Lights, Cameras, and Microphones for Video Effectiveness!

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - December 5, 2016
#946 -  Lights, Cameras, and Microphones for Video Effectiveness!
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Special:  Lights, Camera and Microphones for Video Effectiveness!

As more of our communication, collaboration and content is done via video, often from webcams in our offices, we have to think about our lighting, sound, and lens to give the viewer the best experience.  Yet, many people’s video image has poor lighting, camera focus, and even sound capture.  Here are some of the tools and approaches that we use at the MASIE Learning LAB to enhance our video quality, right from our offices: 

- Small Lights Right On Your Desktop!  The lighting in your office may be great for reading, but your face often appears poorly illuminated in the camera.  So, we have added Video Lighting to desktops and screens.   First, let me show you a cute set of lights that sit on either side of your desktop monitor.  They are from Videssence: 


- Studio Lights in Your Office! My office has a large screen, so I have added Studio type lights to add larger illumination for Skype, Content Interviews and Webinars.  I turn them on and often look 10 pounds lighter and 10 years younger :)  Here are Studio Lights offered:  


- Microphones Matter: Your webcam microphone is often a small mic, buried in the computer or laptop case, with low agility for capturing the richness of your voice.  So, I found a cute looking and very effective microphone for less than $100 called the Widget C.  Again, less than $100 and posted here:

- Cameras Are Critical: Don’t go cheap on the camera.  We have spent as much as $950 for a very high quality, zoomable, responsive USB enabled camera with remotes.  The camera must have the ability to be white balanced and capture content for high and low definition qualities.  I use the AVer v520 USB Camera:


- Lights, Camera, Microphone, and Action: There are a wide range of lights, microphones, and cameras that can be leveraged for higher quality video from your desktop or office.  Try It —- It Makes a Difference for Your Learners!

Yours in Learning,

Elliott Masie
Host, Learning 2017
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