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947 - Global: Visual Translation, Captions for Learning & Engagement!

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - December 19, 2016
#947 - Global: 
Visual Translation, Captions for Learning & Engagement! - Twitter: @emasie - The MASIE Center - 57,255 Readers  

Global Learning: Visual Translate, Caption & Engagement!

I am sending today’s TRENDS from Venice as part of a 2 week trip to Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and now Italy. Here are some perspectives about working, learning, and collaborating on a global basis. As our organizations and colleagues are working across the globe, we need to innovate our approaches. A few examples and studies: 

- Visual Translation on Your Phone!  I have been using the Camera/Visual Translation capacity in the Google Translate App. I can point my phone at words in Italian and my phone will do an Augmented Reality /Translation into English. It is different and exciting to have that form of real time translation.    


I pointed it at a projected PowerPoint and could read most of the text in English. And, it works in a wide range of languages that are expanding. I have used German, Spanish, and Italian and was impressed with the real-time effect
- Captions for Learning:
Learners who are learning in a second language can often find amazing benefit in the optional use of Captions in learning content - from documents to video. In addition, learners that have a learning disability, which may be as many as 15% of the workforce, may also benefit from Captions. Here is a recent research paper from Oregon State University on learning captioning.  Check it out at:

- Global Learning Engagement: Working as a learning professional on a global basis requires balancing your own teaching style with the cultural norms of a country that you are visiting (in person or virtually). While I was delivering my keynote speech on Learning Changes in Saudi Arabia for SABIC, I wanted to engage the 150 executives in a discussion about their favorite teachers. I asked them to stand up in the briefing auditorium and engage in a dialogue about their most memorable teacher as they grew up. The room came alive - sharing their own stories about storytelling and teaching. Don’t be afraid to ask global colleagues to engage! Here is a picture from that meeting:

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Elliott Masie
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