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948 - Content Reminders for January? AI App for Weight Loss, Research Intern 

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - January 3, 2017
#948 - Content Reminders for New Year, AI App for Weight Loss, Research Intern at MASIE - Twitter: @emasie - The MASIE Center - 57,265 Readers  

I hope that our Learning TRENDS Colleagues around the world had a healthy and safe New Years.  2017 will clearly be a time of change, disruption and shifts in our businesses, marketplaces and lifestyles.  I am excited for the conversations that we have here on Learning TRENDS and look forward to engaging with you in the coming year. 

- Content Reminders for the New Year?  When I came to work this morning, as the first day of 2017, I wished that I had a New Year Reminder for Content.  Imagine if we each received very targeted and efficient reminders of key content, knowledge, skills and focuses on our first day back, at the start of a new year, a new month or even a new week.  


Whether you are 66 like me or a 23 year old, reminders in a digital age could be very powerful.  A sort of thread around your finger as a key content reminder.  Remember, the “e” in e-Learning can be about Evolving, just like our memories.
- AI App for Weight Loss:  At the start of the year, many folks turn to diets and exercise for support in learning and implementing healthier lifestyles.  Check out the app “Noom”, which combines machine learning, AI, personalized feedback and coaching to users.  Here is an interesting article in Fast Company about “Noom”

- Learning Research Intern at MASIE Center: We are looking for a great intern who will participate in learning research at The MASIE Center in the coming year.  You can be a graduate student, undergraduate or self-study student who can spend several months in Saratoga Springs working on learning research, with a wide range of corporations and government agencies.  Send a note to me at

- Learning Innovations LAB Added in February:  We have filled our Learning Innovations LAB in January. So, we added a new session that I will lead from Feb 1 to 3 in Saratoga Springs, NY.  It is a very high energy, hands-on exploration of new and emerging learning innovations, technology and methodologies.  Space is limited and online registration is open at:

Yours in Learning,

Elliott Masie
Host, Learning 2017
Twitter: @emasie

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