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949 - Gadgets, Tech & Learning: Update from CES Vegas

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - January 11, 2017
#949 - Gadgets, Tech & Learning: Update from CES Vegas - Twitter: @emasie - The MASIE Center - 57,272 Readers 

- Gadgets, Tech & Learning: Update from CES Vegas:  Each year, for the past decade, I have curated reports from my colleagues attending the CES Show in Las Vegas, where emerging gadgets, technology and systems are previewed and announced.  I have been smiling at the range of announcements made at CES that may have impact on the world of workplace learning:

- Sound Canceling and Connected Mini-Earbuds:  Nuhera IQBuds are intriguing earbuds that can be worn in a busy and noisy workplace.  They serve multiple purposes, providing a lower noise level in the ears, connecting to phones and wireless and still allowing clear conversations with a person right in front of the user.  Multiple microphones in each earbud and an algorithm of noise canceling software could be an asset for both communication and real time support information in employee ears in those high noise environments.   Info at:

- VR Without VR Viewer - Projected Mixed Reality - Project Ariana:  Here is a huge step forward in the ability to deliver Mixed Reality (VR, AR and More) to a group of employees without using wearable goggles.  Project Ariana, from Razer, is aimed at teens for gaming projection in a basement, but has huge implications for adding Mixed Reality Learning and Simulation displays in our workplace.  It is emerging technology and you should check it out at:

- Robotics: Learning to Read Pudding:  I am convinced that Robots will play a much larger part of our world of workplace performance and learning.  Here is an announcement of “Pudding” - which is a friendly support presence to assist a child in mastering reading skills.  It has a combination of Robotics, AI and Performance Support in a “cute” presence.  Information at:

- More CES Gadget/Tech Trends to Follow:
* Expansion of “Talk To” Systems (eg. Alexa, Siri and Google’s Home)
* Paper Thin Monitors - Mountable on the Workplace Walls
* Self-Driving Cars and Assisted Mobility
* Mixed Reality Expands Beyond VR and AR
* Health and Wellness Based Wearable Technologies

Check out several of the summaries of CES that are online.  Here is one that I read:

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