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908 - eLearning as Change; Dyslexia Emulation; Masie Team Expands

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - March 7, 2016.
#908 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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Host: Learning Systems: LMS, LCMS, Social & More! April in Chicago.

1. eLearning as Social Change Force.
2. Dyslexia Website Emulation.
3. MASIE Center Seeks New Team Members.
4. Learning Systems Questions!

1. eLearning as Social Change Force: I recently spent one week in Manila, Philippines as a keynoter for a global learning conference.  It was a fascinating and mind-expanding experience to explore what the role of digital learning can be in a developing country with a large poor and rural population.

At the conference, I was interviewed by TV personalities and journalists, focusing on the potential and power for leveraging eLearning as a tool for economic development. Fellow keynoters, including a nun who is a president of a University, pointed to the role that eLearning could play to provide skills, career potential and expanded opportunity in rural areas.  Building more schools or even accessing more teachers would require significant funding and political shifts. But, making learning resources (ala Khan Academy or eLearning for Kids) available immediately expands the learning window - without large expenditures.

Many families in the Philippines have one or more relatives working overseas to gain wages.  Skype and digital video is allowing the “ex-pat” relatives to be part of the coaching and mentoring of children back home.

In the U.S., we rarely talk about eLearning from this perspective, but when we look at knowledge and skill development in developing areas, the role of digital learning resources, along with apprenticeships and alignment of learning to jobs that can be done without traveling away from home, is a potent and powerful opportunity.  The MASIE Center will be expanding our conversations with global innovators in eLearning to support these efforts.

2. Dyslexia Website Emulation: Have you ever wondered how a colleague with Dyslexia experiences the challenge of reading? Victor Widell, a developer, has created a site that emulates Dyslexia processing of reading. Remember, a percentage of your workforce has some degree of Dyslexia.  Check out this emulation at:

3. MASIE Center Seeks New Team Members: We are seeking one or two more members of the MASIE Center/MASIE Productions Team and are looking for people who would be excited to work on a range of projects focused on learning, innovation, dynamic meetings and more. Ideally, one person would be based here in Saratoga Springs, NY but we are also open to considering colleagues who would work remotely. This role would be ideal for someone in the early stages of their learning career, but it could also be adapted for a recent retiree who wants to stay involved in learning innovation. Skills include relationship building with learning colleagues in our CONSORTIUM, helping with meeting planning, learning technology experiments and working with Elliott on a wide range of new ideas and projects. If this intrigues you, please send a confidential note to with some of your background and why you would be intrigued to be a part of Team MASIE. 

4. Learning Systems Questions! As we design our upcoming event, Learning Systems: LMS, LCMS, Social & More, to be held in Chicago on April 27 and 28, I am pondering a long list of questions that learning leaders have been raising about the state of Learning Systems in 2016.  Here are a few of the questions, challenges and innovations:

- “Our LMS is starting to be out of date, but there is no funding for a major replacement.  What are other companies doing to enhance, extend, refine or work around tired Learning Systems?”
- “Personalizing Learning is a major strategic objective for 2016/2017. How are organizations leveraging LMS and LCMS to support personalization?”
- “Video is growing radically as our primary delivery format, but our LCMS and even LMS are lagging behind in capability.  How do we play catch up?”
- “The Talent System used by HR is now pitching a Competency Based LMS model. Is that integration a trend?”
- “What skills do our Learning Systems administrators need to support Big Learning Data?”

These are just a few of the questions we will address at Learning Systems in Chicago in April. Details and registration at:

** Special Note - MASIE Horse Miss Matzoball had a victory race in Florida a few weeks ago.  Video at:
And, Miss Matzoball is scheduled to run in a Stakes Race at Gulfstream on Saturday, March 12th.

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