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915 - George Takei at Learning 2016, Learning Systems Perspectives

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - May 4, 2016.
#915 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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Host: Learning Directions Briefings: NYC, Chicago & Los Angeles - June.

1. George Takei to be Featured at Learning 2016.
2. Learning Systems Aha’s and Perspectives.
3. Learning Directions Briefings (NYC, Chicago & LA) in June.

1. George Takei to be Featured at Learning 2016: I am honored to announce that George Takei, an amazing actor, storyteller, activist and social media icon, will be featured at our Learning 2016 on October 25th in Orlando, Florida. 

George will be interviewed on the power of Storytelling, the role of “Memes & Social Messages” for viral impact, and a few fun stories on the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek. In addition, George will help me interview Astronaut Scott Kelly, after his year in space. I am excited to see the dialogue between the “Starship Enterprise” and the International Space Station.

Details and Early Registration Discounts at

2. Learning Systems Aha’s and Perspectives: Here are my takeaways from a deep dive on Learning Systems with 201 learning leaders in Chicago last week:

- A high degree of mild to low satisfaction with current Learning Systems (LMS, LCMS and More).
- Despite that, very few organizations are doing a major replacement of their LMS.
- Key strategies are focused on adding “layers” on top of the LMS - to add new capacities like video, competencies or content curation.
- High desire to add better Assessment and Certification strategies to Learning Systems.
- Desire for “Learning Apps” that would either add to the LMS or give an individual learner more personalized access to the systems.
- Intrigue with xAPI for a common learning data standard - but most organizations are still exploring and experimenting with xAPI.
- Rapid increase in the use of Video Content - from external sites (e.g. TED) and internal, user-created video.
- Push to have the LMS being able to help Personalize more content and learning experiences.
- Desire to look towards innovations in K-12 and Higher Education for models of Learning Systems (e.g. Khan Academy).

Based on the strong reaction from the participants, we have added a major Learning Systems set of sessions at Learning 2016 and will expand the scope of the Learning Barracuda Bowl. Watch for details soon!

3. Learning Directions Briefings (NYC, Chicago & LA) in June: I am looking forward to intense one-day briefings with learning colleagues at our annual Learning Directions Briefings, which will be held in June in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.  We will drill down to current and emerging trends in the learning arena, including content, context, delivery, virtual reality, micro-mentoring and evolving assessment models.  There are spaces available in each of our Learning Directions Briefings:

- New York City - June 1
- Los Angeles - June 7
- Chicago - June 15

Details and online registration at

Yours in Learning,

Elliott Masie

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