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921 - Guess Next Keynoter, Vacation Weekly Reader, Overwhelming Content

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - July 8, 2016.
#921 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Can You Guess Next Learning Keynoter?
2. Vacation Weekly Reader.
3. Pulse Survey: Overwhelming Content.
4. Moonshine Cate Starts! 

1. Can You Guess Next Learning Keynoter? Next week, we will announce the next Keynoter for Learning 2016 - joining Astronaut Scott Kelly, Tiffany Slain (Science of Character) and George Takei (Social Knowledge). 

We are excited to add a well-known and inspiring keynoter, who will help focus on living (and learning) in these Disruptive Times.  Here are a few hints: 

- Studied Vietnamese at University of Hanoi.
- Narrated a Broadway Play.
- Loves Questions and Answers. 

Take a guess and send me an email to   Details at: 

2. Vacation Weekly Reader: When I was a kid and we were on summer vacation, I loved getting a weekly small newsletter called Weekly Reader. It was aimed at my grade level and had short and fun articles and activities that helped me keep learning and feeling engaged during my time off. It never felt like homework or mandatory and I still miss getting it. 

So, here is a crazy idea (some will love and others will hate).  What if employees could get a personalized “Weekly Reader” as they headed off for vacation. It would be structured by their input and could contain a combination of short pieces on knowledge - personal, lifestyle, business or even next career steps. It would not be related to the actual work on their desks but could be part of a stretch activity, totally optional and not reported back to the LMS.  And, the learner could opt to have it for their tablet or print it out to take to the beach.  Hmmm.  Add some advertising and the Weekly Vacation Reader might actually make some money. In fact, if any of you start it, I’d gladly be your test user and sit on your Board.  Just an idea!

3. Pulse Survey - Overwhelming Content: Many TRENDS readers were quite interested in the growing sense from their users that they are feeling Overwhelmed Content Syndrome.  Could you take 5 minutes for a quick Masie Pulse Survey looking at how you and others handle more and more content choices?  We will publish the summary results in 2 weeks.  Just go to:

Pulse Survey - Overwhelming Content:

4. Moonshine Cate Starts! For those TRENDS colleagues that also follow MASIE Stables, one of our 3-year-old horses, Moonshine Cate, will be running at Belmont in Queens, NY on Sunday, July 10 in the 9th race. She is running in a Maiden Competition and this is only her second race. As always, we wish for a safe, healthy and learning filled race for our horse (sister of Miss Matzoball). 

Yours in Learning, 

Elliott Masie 

Twitter: emasie 

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