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920 - Learning Autopsies, Photos are Content, Too.

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - June 28, 2016.
#920 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. “Learning Autopsies”?
2. Photos Are Content, Too!
3. A Passing Photographer, Small Camera for Big Ideas.

1. “Learning Autopsies”? So many sessions at conferences are about success stories, best practices and emerging trends.  But, where are the failure stories that we want to hear?  Where do we dissect a good idea that didn’t work when put into widespread practice?  That’s been on my mind as our team is designing Learning 2016.  So, we invented:

“Learning Autopsies” - Truthful Stories About Failures & Unexpected Outcomes!

We have been chatting with many colleagues who are planning to open the seal on learning failure stories.  One example is “Gaming for Learning at Desks Didn’t Fly & Too Playful Didn’t Work”. We will hear the hopes and then the realities of challenges in the implementation. Check out our “Learning Autopsies” model and role at Learning 2016. Details:

2. Photos Are Content, Too! We live in the age of pics and photos. Every one of your employees has a phone that takes hundreds of photos. And, they include pics of work situations. Yet, most companies don’t have a way for employees to share cool and important photos in the workplace. Imagine if you could leverage their pictures to support the learning and performance projects done by the Learning and Development team.

Consider starting a Workplace-Pics site that encourages employees to share pics. These could be curated and shared for both social meaning and also leveraged for learning and performance content.  Remember, Photos are Content, Too!

3. A Passing Photographer, Small Camera for Big Ideas: Talking about pictures, an amazing and important photographer passed away this week.  Bill Cunningham was the most interesting photographer for the New York Times, covering the fashion, culture and theater worlds. His pictures were essays in contract.  And, he could be seen on the Red Carpet lines of new theater productions or just taking pictures on the street.  He would use a small camera and capture big ideas. A wonderful story online at:  This is a man who truly made Photos Content That Mattered!

Yours in Learning,

Elliott Masie

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