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919 - Barracuda Learning Bowl, Overwhelming Content Syndrome

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - June 22, 2016.
#919 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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Host: Learning Innovations LAB - July 12-14 in Saratoga Springs, NY.

1. Barracuda Bowl for Learning Announced.
2. Content Overwhelmed Learners!
3. SpongeBob Musical Reactions - Wow!
4. Your Ideas and Designs, Please! 

1. Barracuda Bowl for Learning Announced: There are hundreds of interesting ventures, start-ups and technology incubators that are touching on the worlds of Education and Schooling.  But, most of them are targeting the K-12 or Higher Education Marketplace. Every week, I hear from young start-ups about a social learning tool aimed at high school student engagement or a Virtual Reality program for college students in science courses. Yet, few of these innovators and creators understand the HUGE learning marketplace that is the corporate workplace field. So, we are adding an exciting and fun element of Learning 2016: 

Learning Barracuda Bowl! 

Each learning start-up selected will have 5 minutes (live or by video) to present their ideas to a group of learning colleagues at Learning 2016. We will then ask some drill down questions and provide exposure to our field for these learning innovations.  We believe that many EdTech solutions built for high schools can and should be adapted for workplace learning.  It will be our own version of “SharkTank” with the focus on encouraging breakthrough inventions that learning colleagues can leverage in their workplaces.  Details at: 

2. Content Overwhelmed Learners! In conversations with hundreds of learning colleagues over the past 3 months, I have been struck by the perception of the Content Overwhelmed Learner. Leaders of corporate learning are reporting that our learners feel that content choices have expanded by 10, 29 or 100 times. We are likely to publish massively more digital assets to support learners. And, the learner is being exposed to an endless stream of video and other content from outside sources, including TED Talks, YouTube Clips and a cascade of content from social networks and excited marketers.  

Yet, the average learner does not have tools or even behavioral models for sorting and choosing from this expansion of content. Some would say that the learner needs to increase their “Personal Curation” skills.  Others would advocate for “Organizational Curation” tools and systems. And, many learners are showing signs of suffering from “Overwhelming Content Syndrome” :) 

However, those curation tools are not easily available in current Learning Systems (LMS or LCMS). And, few add the much valued “Recommendation” dimension - where the learner can use filtered peer reactions to help sort and choose the most appropriate content segment.  For many learners, too much content means that they consume none of it as the overhead time for selection becomes too great. 

Here is a simple Learning TRENDS homework “assignment”: ask 10 learners about content and how they sort and organize increasing content choices. I would love to hear your summary and will publish an anonymous summary of these reactions in a TRENDS in the coming weeks.  Send me a note to 

3. SpongeBob Musical Reactions - Wow! One of the MASIE Productions musicals had its formal Opening in Chicago this week - SpongeBob Musical. This is always a very nervous moment for producers and the creative team, especially in a tryout city with a show that breaks most of your assumptions about a musical format. And, the reviews were Wow.  Can’t help but share the video from a TV Theater Critic: 

SpongeBob Musical Opening (Chicago) Review: 

We plan on bringing this show, with Nickelodeon as the key producer, to Broadway in the coming year. Stay tuned! 

4. Your Ideas and Designs, Please! We already have over 200 ideas and session ideas, but creating a very different Learning Experience takes even more. 

We are actively seeking great and cool ideas for our learning activities and sessions at Learning 2016.  If you would like to facilitate a one-hour session on a key topic related to workplace learning or have an idea for an activity that you would like to attend (rather than lead), please contact us. Go to: 

Yours in Learning, 

Elliott Masie 

Twitter: emasie 

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