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925 - Small Tech, Simple Tech and Questions for an Astronaut

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - August 8, 2016.
#925 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Small Tech: Mevo Camera for Wireless and Live Streaming.
2. Simple Tech: Adjustable Eyeglasses.
3. Questions for Astronaut Scott Kelly, Please! 

1. Small Tech - Mevo Camera for Wireless and Live Streaming: We have been experimenting with one of the first ultra-small video cameras for capture and streaming. MEVO was just released by LiveStream, which we use for both our video editing suite and also live streaming programs.  It is about 3 inches tall and does an amazing capture of 150 degree HD quality video that can be edited and streamed live to Facebook and other sources.  We will be using these for capture of video during an upcoming theater LAB in our building and we were quite impressed with the quality and affordability of the MEVO.  Check it out at 

2. Simple Tech - Adjustable Eyeglasses: I love to experiment with technology that makes things simpler (rather than more complex). Imagine a set of eye glasses, which the wearer can adjust with two small knobs, to fit their eye’s prescription requirements. I have one here in the office and it has been quite intriguing to show it to folks - and then to state the cost of just $20. And, one could probably mass produce these at a radically lower price - to use in countries where access to eyeglasses is scarce or expensive. Check it out at 

3. Questions for Astronaut Scott Kelly, Please! I am so excited to be interviewing Scott Kelly, the NASA astronaut who spent a year in space, at our upcoming Learning 2016 event (Oct 23 to 26 in Orlando). I would love to brainstorm a set of learning-related questions for Captain Kelly on topics as wide as: 

- How is learning different about the International Space Station?
- What is the role of memorization vs online knowledge for an Astronaut?
- How often did you video (Skype) to Subject Matter Experts on the ground? 

But, I really would love YOUR questions.  Can you send me a question or two for Scott Kelly?  I will pick a selection for our interview. (I have also asked George Takei, our other “astronaut”, to frame up a question from the world of Star Trek to the world of Space Stations.)  Send me your question to and let me know if I can quote you as the question provider.  More info on Learning 2016 at 

Yours in Learning, 

Elliott Masie 

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