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926 - Oh Myyy - Questions for George Takei, TV Studio in Box, SpringSpace

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - August 23, 2016.
#926 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. TV Studio in a Box - Simple Live Production!
2. SpringSpace LAB - Collaboration Distributed over Time & Distance.
3. Oh Myyyy! Questions for George Takei, Please.
4. 60,000 Learning Postcards Sent! 

1. TV Studio in a Box - Simple Live Production! Imagine a complete TV Studio for live production at your workplace with the simplicity of a few buttons and the power of a TV Station.  Over the past two weeks, we have been experimenting with how to produce live and stored video with up to 4 cameras that can be easily captured and streamed - without a video tech! 

After working with several systems, we landed on the NewTek Tricaster Mini. For $5,999, it gave the MASIE Center LAB the ability to easily shoot a wide range of live and stored video. We took 4 cameras (from a simple $100 hand held video camera to a $3,000 HD 4K camera) and all we had to do was connect them with an HDMI Cable. They synced and really worked. The NewTek Tricaster was used in many churches that desired live display during services as well as a feed to home-based parishioners.  And, once again, we did it without a video technician.  In fact, we will use our Mini (which is 9” x 7” in a small, self-contained Windows computer box) as our system for doing LearningLive WakeUp TV at Learning 2016 to produce an early morning program each day that can be seen on the hotel’s TV.

Details are at:  As use of video continues to grow, this could be a tool to empower Learning and Development colleagues to easily create media clips without going through video departments or partners. 

2. SpringSpace LAB - Collaboration Distributed over Time & Distance: The reason we were experimenting with in-house video systems is an exciting experiment that we are doing to combine the collaborative power of eLearning with the excitement of producing Broadway bound musical theaters.  MASIE Productions, with Andrew Palermo, has hosted two different theater groups that are developing a new work. We brought them to our Saratoga Springs LAB that we reformatted with dance floors, mirrors, musical instruments and the NewTek system and cameras.  They brought actors and creatives to Saratoga with other creative partners located around the world. 

The theory was to allow a musical or dance designer to work with actors and colleagues via live and asynchronous video.  We were able to feed HD quality video to a collaborative tool - and add great audio - with camera switches to allow the remote colleagues to interact in a different, dynamic fashion. It is Working!  As I write this TRENDS, I am watching the LAB downstairs via the video feed to my office.  Much more to follow as we expand this process. 

3. Oh Myyyy! Questions for George Takei, Please: I would like to ask my TRENDS colleagues to send in questions that I can ask George Takei, my friend and actor from Star Trek, who will be featured at Learning 2016. Ironically, this is the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek.  We will interview George about how he has leveraged social media and “memes” as a communication and influencing tool. Please send me ANY questions that I can ask George Takei to and let me know if I can attribute them to you.  “Oh Myyy!” Send it to 

4. 60,000 Learning Postcards Sent! We are now sending a Learning postcard to 60,000 of our colleagues worldwide.  Check it out (or download it) at 

Yours in Learning, 

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