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927 - Classrooms to Labs Tips, Elliott Masie Video, and 197 Sessions.

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - August 30, 2016.
#927 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Elliott Masie Video & 197 Sessions Scheduled.
2. Classrooms into LABS - Six Tips.
3. The PROM Launches in Atlanta! 

1. Elliott Masie Video & 197 Sessions Scheduled: This morning I produced an 8 minute video focused on the Design and Experience elements of Learning 2016: 

- View this video at:
- 197 Sessions Scheduled for Learning 2016. Check it out at: 

2. Classrooms into LABS - Six Tips: We are tracking a shift from traditional classrooms in the workplace to the use of a “Lab” model. Many TRENDS readers asked me to explain some of the steps and elements about this transition. Here are 6 steps that we use at The MASIE Center in designing a LAB (vs. class): 

- Rob the Sage of the Stage! Eliminate the focus on the blackboard or screen in the front of room.  Rob the “sage on the stage” of their stage.  Create multiple places for an instructor or facilitator to work from.

- Everything on Wheels! If possible, put all tables, chairs and elements in the room on wheels.  This will allow the layout of the room to shift as the activities change throughout the day.

- Multiple Screens in Corners! Experiment with placing multiple affordable large screens in multiple corners.  This allows you to bring several learning resources into the room at once and facilitates digital one-to-one interactions during sessions and breaks.

- Projects and Experiences vs. Curriculum: Build the flow of the LAB around a series of Projects and Experiences.  Flip the sequence of content followed by exercise to Projects followed by consultative advice. The learners doing a project will drive the content flow with their targeted questions.

- Continuous vs. End Point Assessment! Create a model for continual feedback and assessment for learners working on projects.  Their collective goal is to get EVERYONE to readiness. Make the scoreboards and dashboards visible, transparent and non-punitive.

- Rebrand the Learners! Stop calling them “students”. Substitute “Lab Partners”, “Project Learners” or other non-school words. 

Plus, if you are feeling more courageous, get a few LAB coats for your instructors to wear. I love my MASIE Lab white coat. 

3. The PROM Launches in Atlanta! MASIE Productions is proud to be co-producers of a new musical heading to Broadway: The Prom! It is now in previews in Atlanta at the Alliance Theater.  I just took a 7 hour trip to Atlanta to see one of the first performances and it is WOW. 

The PROM is directed and choreographed by Casey Nicholaw, whose Broadway credits include Aladdin and The Book of Mormon. The limited engagement will run through September 25. If you are in or traveling to Atlanta, go see it: 

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