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984 - Amazon Book Store? Conversational Support for Learning, EdTech Week in NY

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - November 29, 2017.
#984 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology Since 1997.
57,874  Readers - - The MASIE Center.
Host: Curation & Learning LAB - Saratoga Springs, NY Jan 30 to Feb 1. 

1. Amazon Has a Book Store - Curation in Retail.
2. Typed and Talked Curiosities - Conversations with ChatBots & Devices.
3. NY EdTech Week: Exploring the Surge in Learning Ventures.
4. Curation & Learning LAB in Saratoga. 

1. Amazon Has a Book Store - Curation in Retail: This weekend, I had quite a surprise while walking around New York City.  In Columbus Circle there was a small and very different bookstore - from Amazon. 

I ventured in to see why and how Amazon was entering the store market for selling books.  The next half hour was intriguing.  The store was designed as a Curation Experience.  The shelf content was largely determined by interest and sales in the online space.  The books were organized to trigger an association model for me, the buyer.  For example, several key business books were on a shelf - next to 5 other books that a reader of the popular one might want to explore. 

I bought more books than I expected and came away with a list of 4 others to order online.  My checkout was instant, linking my credit card to my Amazon Prime account - and giving the same discount I would have online. 

The space was smaller than one of the big bookstores but the intimacy and stimulation was driven by a unique leveraging of personal and community curation.  It will be interesting to watch what Amazon and others do with this approach in other retail areas. 

2. Typed and Talked Curiosities - Conversations with ChatBots & Devices: One of the growing interests in the Learning field is the deployment of “Conversational Technologies” to enable the workforce to either type in a chatbot format or talk to a device - with immediate questions or curiosities.  

The MASIE Center will be experimenting with a range of ChatBots and implementations of Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home and Apple’s Siri - to explore how chatbots and verbal search could impact workplace learning readiness. 

I would love to hear from colleagues that are experimenting with these conversational technologies and would be interested in discussing their experiences and projects.   Reach out to me at 

3. NY EdTech Week -  Exploring the Surge in Learning Ventures.  We are honored to be a part of a very unique event that will happen in New York City from December 18 to 20th.   Our SecondAccent Project is one of the featured learning ventures at this dialogue about the surge in start-ups and new businesses in learning and education.  For the past few months, SecondAccent from the MASIE Center has been hosted at NYU in an Accelerator program for new ventures.   Here is the announcement about NY EdTech Week: 

NY EDTECH WEEK attracts 1500+ technology innovators, early-stage investors, entrepreneurs, policymakers, media representatives, researchers, and educators to foster new partnerships and exchange best practices in education technology. The festival will offer the best of New York City — connections, customers, capital, and culture — centered at NYU’s Greenwich Village campus with activities taking place around the city.  Info at: 

4. Curation & Learning LAB in Saratoga:  We are pleased to announce the January 2018 dates for our popular lab that focuses on the process, technologies and direction of curation at the workplace: 

Curation & Learning LAB at The MASIE Center.
Hosted by: Elliott Masie with Remote Faculty and Resources.
Dates: January 30 to Feb 1, 2018.
Location: Saratoga Springs, NY, USA. 

Yours in learning,

Elliott Masie
Twitter: @emasie 

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