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985 - ChatBots for Learning, Gadget Show in Vegas, Curation eBook

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - December 16, 2017.
#985 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology Since 1997.
57,881 Readers - - The MASIE Center.
Host: Curation & Learning LAB - Saratoga Springs, NY Jan 30 to Feb 1. 

1. ChatBots for Learning?
2. Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas - Let’s Meet & Report Out!
3. Learning eBook Downloading. 

1. ChatBots for Learning?  I am thrilled to announce a brand new LAB for The MASIE Center, that I will lead and facilitate on the rapidly changing world of ChatBots at Work: 

ChatBots for Learning LAB.
+ “TalkTech” Support
February 21 to 23, 2018 - Saratoga Springs, NY USA

ChatBots will allow your employees and customers to type (or speak) a short question to a system - and a rapid response comes right back. ChatBots for Learning is a 2 1/2 day intensive LAB for a small group of learning professionals or innovators, where we will explore, experiment and assess the roles that ChatBots can play in workplace learning.  In addition, we will dive into the world of “TalkTech”, looking at how Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s Assistant will add voice and video to the ChatBot equation. 

Each participant will receive two TalkTech devices to bring back to the workplace and continue their ChatBot discovery experiments.  MASIE Fellows Richard Culatta and Bob Mosher will join us by live video as well as experts from technology companies rolling out ChatBots and TalkTech technologies. 

Space is limited.  Details at 

2. Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas - Let’s Meet & Report Out! Every few years I go to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at the start of January to check out emerging and evolving technologies. And, it is awesome to catch up with other Learning Professionals who are attending the show. I will be there for several days during the week of January 8, 2018.  

As a Media Analyst, I will be attending briefings on new technologies, automation, media formats, EdTech, systems and even “smart” cars.  We will post a few video reports that I will shoot from Vegas. 

If you are planning to be at the Consumer Electronics Show and would like to get together for a chat or walk-around, please send a note to me at   

3. Learning eBook Downloading: We continue to have thousands of colleagues downloading our recent eBook: 

“Curated Content & Conversations from Learning 2017”
Open Source eBook - No Cost 

Hope you will access and share this 30-page interactive ebook with links to video and curated content from our keynoters, speakers and participants at Learning 2017. 

Yours in learning, 

Elliott Masie
Twitter: @emasie 

MASIE Center Seminars, Events and Services: 

- Curation & Learning LAB - Jan 31 to Feb 1 - Saratoga Springs, NY
- ChatBots for Learning (+ “TechTalk” Support) LAB - Feb 21 to 23 - Saratoga Springs, NY
- Learning 2018 - Nov 4 to 7 - Orlando (Very Early Registration Now Open)
- Membership in The Learning CONSORTIUM 

Details and Online Registration: 

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