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953 - Wages for Home eLearning, Apps and Coaching Mixture, Learning Systems Inside

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - February 21, 2017.
#953 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Learning from Home Wage Laws & Australia Finding
2. App Coaching and Dashboards: Diet and Feedback from Elliott
3. Learning Systems Inside! A Finding from the Field
4. Readers: Text or Rich Text?  Next Edition Here

1. Learning from Home Wage Laws & Australia Finding: Prepare for a series of court cases that will rule on the Wage Law issues of workers accessing online learning from home. Clearly, employees who are on an hourly wage basis must be compensated for access from home. This has led a number of companies to link their LMS to their wage system, to make sure that an employee only accesses courses while at work and on wage.

But, the conversation is getting more complex. If an employee voluntarily accesses content on a voluntary basis, for something that might improve their career, is that also a wage hour? And, if an employee who is not hourly accesses content, does that have an impact on their time off or other benefits? And, does that relate to someone accessing the HR site for benefits and taking an online course about their retirement investments?

The MASIE Center will be tracking and hosting conversations about this topic, including dialogues with labor departments, HR leaders and unions. 

Note, I just received a note from a TRENDS reader in Australia, where there was a finding i
n late 2016 by Fair Work Australia Federal body (that regulates workers rights, pays and conditions) ordering a major Pharmacy  group to back pay nearly $4million AUD to 6,000 staff that were doing online courses after their work hours.  The compliance monitoring of elearning based wages from home access will continue around the world.

2. App Coaching and Dashboards - Diet Feedback for Elliott: As a person who has had lifelong ups and downs with his weight, I embarked on a new model this year, leveraging a visit to a nutritionist with a Coach Monitored App that has me entering every thing I eat during the day - with almost daily coaching feedback from a designated advisor. 

It is working nicely, for me, giving a Dashboard of Data that helps me self-shape my eating and exercise with benchmarks of weekly weighing and real time feedback on each food item being Green, Yellow or Red, as it maps to my nutrition map. 

I am intrigued by how we combine the amazing work of live coaches working with employees on development and behavior issues with an “app” model to provide more real time feedback and guidance. Linking it with a coach, who might only spend 2 minutes a day scanning your behaviors and typing feedback - even assisted by a Machine Learning advisor - could be a fascinating stretch for the coaching model. Stay tuned for updates.

3. Learning Systems Inside! A Finding from the Field: Reports from the field are showing a number of companies are pushing their Learning Management Systems deeper inside - for sign-on verification and compliance data collection - while using newer Tools and Apps as the “layers” that are providing direct learner support.

We are tracking this rise of Learning Apps and Layers with lines of business asking for customization quicker than the LMS can respond to. So, they reach for another system or tool and integrate the results through an API back to the LMS. As Learning Apps grow, we will also see managers reaching for unique learning experiences for specific learners or situations, and want to then mix them back into the LMS reporting basket.  It might be xAPI or other integration layers from the LMS or App Community.

We will explore this issue in depth at our Learning Systems & Tools ‘17 forum to be held in Chicago on April 19th and 20th. Details and early discounts at

4. Readers: Text or Rich Text? Next Edition Here: I heard from several hundred Learning TRENDS readers with their preferences for Text or HTML formats for TRENDS.  The vast majority were voting for plain Text but many wanted some bolding for topics.  So, we are going to experiment with a range of options - and eventually will try to give each reader a preference.  So, today we are using a “rich” but simple format.  Keep the feedback coming to me at

Yours in Learning, 

Elliott Masie
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