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952 - Learning Systems Ready for Changing Learners? Video vs. PowerPoint in Webinars!

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - February 17, 2016.
#952 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Learning Systems: Are They Ready for Changing Learners and Learning?
2. Video vs PowerPoint: Centerpiece of Online Learning Dialogues?
3. Format Question: Plain Text or HTML with Graphics for Learning TRENDS? 

1. Learning Systems: Are They Ready for Changing Learners and Learning? 

I am hearing a powerful and disruptive message from CLO’s and Learning Leaders about their LMS, LCMS and Learning Systems: 

“We need our Learning Systems to do enterprise learning, BUT our learning approaches and learners are changing quicker than our LMS and LCMS.  We need to do more curation, personalization, workflow support and agile video, YET our LMS and LCMS can’t make these changes in agile time.  So, what do we do?” 

This is not a knock on the LMS and LCMS marketplace, but it is a wake-up call.  We are hearing a clear direction that includes: 

* Burying the LMS as an internal system and adding new “layers” for social, curation and video elements.
* Adding Learning Apps as a new front end, customized to the learning needs of specific learners, which work with the LMS in the background.
* Shifting to non-Learning Systems, such as Talent ERP’s, to handle much of what was traditionally done with the LMS.
* Creating new Learner and Performance Metrics to take a more Data Analysis approach around the LMS. 

And, this conversation gets very intriguing when you add the phrase “Machine Learning”!  How will the emerging world of Machine Learning deal with legacy and non-agile Learning Systems? 

Two requests: 

A: I would love to hear from Learning TRENDS colleagues with your perspective on the shifting world of Learning Systems and your own organization.  Send me a private message to 

B: You and your team are invited to our updated event - Learning Systems & Tools - that I will lead with Richard Culatta in Chicago from April 19th to 20th.  Limited space, so register soon with discounted rates: 

2. Video vs PowerPoint: Centerpiece of Online Learning Dialogues? We have been experimenting at The MASIE Center Learning LAB with shifting the role of video in webinars and online classes.  For the past 20 years, PowerPoint has held a central role in most webinars.  Yet, the reason I want to be part of a live learning event with distributed contacts is to have an interactive and dynamic conversation. 

We have been experimenting with software like Zoom, which provides a “Hollywood Square” model of stacking learners, without the big PPT slide box.  And, I have been using a Virtual Background to share key headlines over my shoulder, like a television newscaster might have a story title.  It is intriguing and working.  Stay tuned for some of our upcoming experiments. 

3. Format Question: Plain Text or HTML with Graphics for Learning TRENDS?  I have a question for our tens of thousands of Learning TRENDS readers about the format of these news notes.  For the past 20 years, I have used a simple, text-only format for our Learning TRENDS notes, just like this one. 

Recently, we started to use an HTML format, which added pictures, font colors and more. I tried this shift, based on comments from some readers that it would be cool to add more “richness”. 

Yet, we received the opposite feedback from many readers, including a host of people who were not opening the TRENDS notes, since they appeared to be more like standard e-ads.  

So, I would love to get some feedback from you, the readers.  Could you send me a note to with a preference of format (HTML or Text)?  There might even be a format choice that we could use.  Thanks! 

Yours in Learning, 

Elliott Masie

Twitter: @emasie 

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