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951 - Snow Day Learning and Collaboration?

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - February 9, 2017
#951 - Snow Day Learning; Two Types of Curation; London & Dublin - Twitter: @emasie - The MASIE Center - 57,293 Readers 

* Snow Day Learning:  It is a “Snow Day” right now in New York City and many of my colleagues (including our local staff) have been asked to work from home today.   When we were in school, Snow Day meant a day off.  But, what about a Snow Day for Work?  Is it an opportunity (especially for my friends in wintery regions) for a different learning or collaboration window?

So, the weather is bad and gives employees an option (or mandate) to work from home today.  Beyond doing the normal day’s work, why not have a Snow Day Plan ready to do some unique development, learning or collaboration?  Here are a few images of what a Snow Day might include:

- Let’s Work a Problem:  Pick 1 or 2 problems facing the organization and invite folks into small group Problem Workout rooms - for 30 to 90 minutes - to divergently develop fresh approaches.  All it takes is a facilitator, your normal webinar/video tools and a curator to capture and post outcomes.

- Lunch Lessons from the C Suite: Invite the CEO or other C Level officer to be interviewed by 4 folks from different offices (from their home) - with some questions sent back from the field.

- Snow Day Mentoring Meetups: Create a connection process to link employees to others with expertise or experience - as a Snow Day Meetup.

Snow Days actually were some of my BEST Learning Days in School.  The curriculum was replaced with cool projects, reading and conversations with friends and family at home. Make your Snow Days Learning filled and Collaboration Rich!

* Curation: Mine or the Organization’s?:  As The MASIE Center develops our Curation and Learning framework, it is clear that there are two parallel curator processes at work.  The Organization might provide the official curation of content from many resources, with recommendations and even personalization for each worker.  And, that could be an effective way of adding order to the Panorama of content choices out there.

BUT, the learner may create (and is already creating) their own Curation.  They are sorting content, finding colleagues to help rate choices and building their own curation perspective.  We are investigating how the Organizational Curation and Personal Curation can work together in an honorable and trusted fashion.  This will be one of our topics in the upcoming Curation & Learning LAB session in March.

MASIE Heading to Dublin & London in March:  I will be meeting with learning colleagues in both Dublin and London in the middle of March.  If you are in either of those locations and would want to connect, send me a note to 

Yours in Learning,

Elliott Masie
Host, Learning 2017
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