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960 - Encyclopedia Volume Missing, LMS "Worries", Multi-Sided Curation

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - April 7, 2017
#960 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology Since 1997.
57,620 Readers - - The MASIE Center. 

1. Missing an Encyclopedia Volume: What’s J to L?
2. Multi-Sided Curation: Users and Organizations Gather/Sort
3. LMS Worries: Futures, Talent, Personalization & API’s???

1. Missing an Encyclopedia Volume: What’s J to L?  I sometimes pause a moment when thinking about the meaning of things that start with the letters J, K or L.  When I think about a Llama or Kaleidoscope or Jackal, my brain pauses for a moment until the meaning pops up.  Why?

Well, when I was 7 in 1957, my mom would take me to the grocery store each week and we would buy one volume of a our new Encyclopedia.  I remember the first volume that was for letters A & B.  I would take the book home and learn so much - about things, events, words and concepts that were new.  And, I looked forward to the next week when I could dive into C and D.

Then, a few weeks later, when the Encyclopedia volume that covered J to L was supposed to be on sale, a surprise happened.  The store ran out of copies.  While they promised to get the J to L book soon, it never happened.  And, for the next few years, that part of my knowledge was challenged.

While Google, Bing and life experiences have filled many of the gaps from my missing volume, it still lingers slightly. An Elliott curation gap from long ago.

2. Multi-Sided Curation: Users and Organizations Gather/Sort  Curation of Content has many sides - personal curation and organizational curation.  Both the worker/learner and their employer have stakes in curation and we rarely consider both sides.

The learner wants to OPTIMIZE her content - gathering it, sorting it, selecting it, notating it, rejecting it and more.  The employer wants to OPTIMIZE the content that each and every employee has access to and utilizes the ever widening range of internal, external and open content.

We are continuing conversations about the Mulit-Sided Curation of content and invite you and your colleagues to participate in our next Curation & Learning LAB to be held in Saratoga Springs in May.  Info:

3. LMS Worries: Futures, Talent, Personalization & API’s???  As we prepare for our upcoming Forum on Learning Systems & Tools, I have been struck by the level of “WORRY” that senior learning colleagues are expressing about their current LMS, LCMS and Social Systems.  Here are a few of the “Worries” that surfaced:

- The LMS is Weak on Experiences.
- The LMS is Weak on Video Utilization
- The LMS is Weak on Learning Personalization.
- The LMS is Weak on Recommending Content.
- The LMS is Weak on API and App Integration.
- The LMS is Weak on Content Curation.
- The LMS is Weak on Talent System Integration.

Our colleagues are not down on their Learning Management Systems.  They know that an LMS is key and critical for Enterprise Learning.  BUT, they are not shy about feeling that we are in a WEAK or GAP moment in the evolution of Learning Systems. 

There are still some spaces in our Learning Systems & Tools ‘17 event that Richard Culatta and I will be co-hosting in Chicago, April 19 and 20. Info and registration:


Yours in learning,

Elliott Masie
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