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967 - Cyber, Terror & Lights Out: Is Learning Ready?

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - June 8, 2017
#967 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology Since 1997.
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1. Cyber, Terror & Lights Out: Is Learning Ready?
2. Watching: ChatBots, Apple Speakers, Amazon Style Cameras
3. Learning Golf Tournament Announced

1. Cyber, Terror & Lights Out: Is Learning Ready? Yesterday, we had one of the most coincidental learning days of my career. Here are the simple details:

* We were hosting 70 learning leaders from our CONSORTIUM for a one-day meeting at McDonald’s Hamburger University in Chicago.
* One agenda item was to look at how Learning & Development should get engaged on prepping the workforce for Cyber, Terror and Disruptions. We were planning on talking about that after lunch.
* Our host Rob Lauber, CLO of McDonald’s, was engaging with the group about trends in learning when the lights flickered and then the room went into total darkness. (Actually the entire facility and 24 other companies in the area when dark.)
* We joked that it was part of a simulation about our Disruption topic, but actually there were no immediate other spaces to use and people had traveled from across the region and country for our gathering.
* So, we turned on some mobile phones, opened some laptops and Rob and the group dialogued in “near darkness” with great conversation for another 30 minutes. We checked out the nature of the emergency and alternative spaces, and made sure there were enough mobile “flashlights” to carry on for a short while.
* Then, an hour later we went to a lunchroom and continued without mics or powerpoints (with my loud briefing voice). It was a great day and the lights came back on in a few hours.
* We do need to take some care and awareness about READINESS for small or large disasters. Appoint people to reaction roles and teach new models of dealing with Cyber Threats or Terror Events in the workspace.
* Note: Some of the people in our event still think that perhaps Elliott and Rob created the blackout as a simulation. We didn’t, but I will always remember that morning.
* We are adding a track at Learning 2017 that will focus on “Cyber, Terror and Emergency Readiness: The Role of Learning!” If you would like to help with this, please send a note to me at

2. Watching - ChatBots, Amazon Echo Look Style Cameras: From time to time, Learning TRENDS will do a quick list of technologies that we are tracking or experimenting with at our Learning LAB. Here are 2 that I am working with this month:

* ChatBots for Learning: Many corporate IT and Learning groups are trying out the concept of a ChatBot for learning and performance support. Imagine that a new manager could send a text message or Jive note to a box called “Tips” and ask, “How do I handle an employee who is always late to work?” The response comes as a text message back. Machine Learning and AI are starting to shape some ChatBot technologies that will be ideal for learning, development, and performance elements.  Info Article Click Here.

* Style Camera (Echo Look) from Amazon: I took a selfie this morning, wearing today’s clothing choices. I have taken one each morning this week since receiving “Look” from Amazon Echo. The camera is voice activated with small powerful lights and integrated into a new mobile app. My pictures become a cloud-based style and dressing database of my choices and patterns. Amazon will now use that to advise my choices as I go online to shop for new clothing. Interesting, Creepy, Different??? It is adding a visual dimension to the audio-based interactive speakers (from Amazon, Google, and now Apple). Stay tuned. Info Article Click Here

3. Golf Tournament at Learning 2017: We are pleased to announce a new Golf Tournament at Learning 2017, which will be held on Sunday morning, Oct 22nd on the Disney Golf Courses. Join this fun competition with networking and a few prizes.  Details Click Here!

Yours in learning,

Elliott Masie
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