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968 - So Many Content Systems, 5 TONY Awards, PG&E Learning

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - June 13, 2017
#968 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology Since 1997.
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Host of Learning 2017 - October 22 to 25 - Orlando, Florida, USA

1. Content Management Confusion.
2. PG&E Learning Leader - Energy Skill Development.
3. 5 TONY Awards for MASIE Productions.

1. Content Management Confusion!: So much content in the workplace and so much confusion about content systems and optimization.  The quantity of content that is being created, curated, harvested and shared is growing at an endless rate in our workplaces.  This includes:

* Internally Developed Learning Content.
* Externally Licensed Content and Courses.
* User Created Content.
* Socially Created Internal Content.
* Internal Non-Learning Content Leveraged for Learning.
* Open Source External Content (eg. TED or YouTube).

Organizations are wanting to increase the access, reuse, tracking, targeting, review and optimization of all of these flavors of content. For some workplaces, content is sprinkled between one or more Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), Corporate Communications Systems, Social Systems, Curation Systems and more. 

Some of the confusion comes from the split governance of content management and from the shifting nature of employee learning styles and approaches.  For example, as use of short, user created video rises, where does that content live (LCMS, Video Management) and how does that include external Open Source content.

It is critical that organizations develop a Content Conversation, ideally leading to an agile content strategy, framing the selection, use and integration of the growing set of content management systems.  And, make sure there is a User Experience Design component, to align content navigation to how your busy employees actually access and use needed content.

2. PG&E Learning Leader - Energy Skill Development:  We are honored to announce Chris Pickett, the Senior Director of Training for Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) as one of our featured speakers at Learning 2017 (Oct 22 to 25).

PG&E is one of the largest combination natural gas and electric utilities in the United States. They have over 23,000 employees and serve 1 out of every 20 Americans.  Chris will share the strategies for skill development at PG&E  which are fascinating. We will explore how they are building the next wave of energy employees.  Details at:

3. 5 TONY Awards for MASIE Productions: Sunday night, MASIE Productions was thrilled to have 5 TONY awards presented to shows that we are helping produce.  Indecent, The Great Comet and The Play That Goes Wrong!

It is an amazing honor to be involved in Broadway Theater.  The TONY awards honor not only the winners but the entire theater community.  On Sunday night, one of our Learning 2017 Keynoters, John Lithgow, presented one of the awards.  He highlighted the importance of Storytelling in our cultures, which will be the focus of his keynote in Orlando.  And, next year, we will keeping our fingers crossed for our new production, SpongeBob the Musical that opens in November.


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