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Help with Cyber/Terror Readiness & Global Learning Projects?

TO: Learning, Training, Talent & Performance Colleagues
FROM: Elliott Masie, Host & Curator
DATE: June 16, 2017 

RE: Help with Cyber/Terror Readiness & Global Learning Projects? 

We need help with two critical projects that we are launching for the Learning & Talent field: 

* Cyber, Terror and Emergency Readiness: Learning’s Role? - How do we create “Readiness” for our employees to effectively, safely and appropriately react and respond to the ever increasing number of incidents that may include Cyber Intrusion, Terror Incidents, Emergencies and Catastrophes? How do we build “Readiness” to cope into our learning programs? Can we create simulations or virtual environments that can help employees prepare and practice Readiness? 

* Global Learning - Millions of employees use a 2nd or 3rd language as they work. How do organizations optimize the learning efforts of employees that are learning in a language different then their “mother language”? This is a key challenge as more organizations operate globally - connecting employees with a wide range of languages. How do we truly create a Global Learning Culture in an organization?  

Learning 2017 will host two major Forums that address these issues. Led by Chief Learning Officers and other business leaders, we will be examining, creating and benchmarking strategies and actions for the field of Learning, Training & Talent. 

I am looking for colleagues in our field that would be interested in working on and supporting these projects.   Please send a note to me at and we will respond with some ways in which you can help on these efforts. 

Yours in Learning, 

Elliott Masie