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969 - Learning Independence Day? Unified Messages Wish

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - July 5, 2017.
#969 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology Since 1997.
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Host of Learning 2017 - October 22 to 25 - Orlando, Florida, USA 

1. Independence Day for Learning - Freedom for Learning?
2. A Hope for Single Contact Format.
3. New Website for Learning 2017 is Up! 

1. Independence Day for Learning? We just celebrated Independence Day here in the United States with Fireworks, BBQ, and Parades for the annual July 4th festivities. 

As I watched the fireworks soar in New York City last night, I thought about Learning Independence and Freedom in the workplace. How might we recognize and perhaps celebrate the ways in which Learners, Learning Producers, and Organizations have new and evolving “independence and freedom”? Here is the start of my Learning Independence brainstorm: 

* Learners as Designers: Our learners are designing and producing more and more of their own learning pathways.
* Open Content Expands Radically: Content from “open” sources like TED and YouTube are growing radically.
* Duration of Learning Activities Shrink: Classes, webinars, video and even coaching gets smaller and more concise.
* Learning Systems Stretch Beyond LMS: Talent, learning apps, and other systems push LMS down under.
* Machine Learning May Evolve Design: Can AI and machine learning shift the creation of learning activities?
* Shoulder-to-Shoulder Learning Comes Back: OJT and OJL are re-emerging with workplace job aids.
* Video Chat Extends Social Collaboration: Click and connect with colleagues anywhere.
* User Experience Spins the Process: Creating learning with user design elements at the core.
* Curation Empowers the Learner & Organization: Content and context from anywhere for everyone.
* Curiosity, Mobile Devices, and Search Engines for Learning Everywhere! YES! 

These are just my start. If you were celebrating Learning Independence Day, what might you add to this list? Send me a quick email to and I will curate that into a list to be published in 2 weeks on TRENDS. 

2. A Hope for Single Contact Format: As long as I am celebrating Learning Independence Day, I want to add a big wish: 

“A Single Contact Format to Reach Learners - Mail, SMS Text, Jive, Yammer, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Etc” 

I keep in touch with thousands of learning colleagues around the world and optimizing the format for interacting with them is a nightmare. Some only use email. Others never read their email but send me a note via Facebook Messenger. Others use an internal mail in LinkedIn. I have about 200 that are SMS only folks. Others want to connect to me with via Twitter Direct Message, and it goes on. And, that does not even touch internal systems such as Jive or Yammer. 

Back in the early days of email, before 1993, it was impossible to send a simple email from one company to another without using a very, very long X.25 format. Then, we realized that having a standard format such as would allow for simple interaction. 

That is what I want in a 2017 mode. It would be awesome if there were a way that I could send a note to you and your system would decide which one format (or many formats) that it would reach you. When you replied, it would aggregate to me in a unified format. I could have the levels of security and privacy that I chose. 

Why is this so important? A good percentage of our colleagues are shifting their messaging to a system of preference and it is slicing and complicating the ability to have permission-based connections flow with ease and compliance. Don’t know if it will happen, but it is my strong learning wish. 

3. New Website for Learning 2017 is Up! Our design for Learning 2017 is soaring forward. My team just updated the Learning 2017 website at to reflect the new keynoters, topics, and experiences at the 27th annual MASIE event in Orlando from Oct 22nd to 25th. A growing list is online but here is a small sample: 

* Former First Lady Michelle Obama - Featured Keynoter!
* Actor John Lithgow - Performing a One-Hour Drama to Highlight Storytelling.
* Karl Kapp, Engagement and Gamification.
* Christine McKinley, Physics for Rock Stars.
* Timo Gorner, Learning Leader, Fox Group.
* Andrea Wong, User Design, Google.
…and many more! 

Check it out at 

Learning 2017 is co-hosted by ATD, our Learning CONSORTIUM, and the new LearningTown. There are over 530 colleagues already registered! 

Yours in learning, 

Elliott Masie
Twitter: @emasie 

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