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972 - Augmented Performance Support, British Invasion of Learning Resources

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - August 1, 2017.
#972 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology Since 1997.
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1. Augmented Performance Support for the Workplace: iPhone and Mobile
2. Join Free Video Briefing on August 9th on Learning Trends.
3. Julian Stodd and Nigel Paine “British Invasion” :) 

1. Augmented Performance Support for the Workplace - Phone and Mobile: While Virtual Reality is fascinating and engaging, the challenge of having to wear a surround set of goggles and be hooked to a high end computer has reduced the widespread adoption of VR for workplace learning and readiness.  There are exceptions in the aviation and medical space, but it is not scalable in 2017. 

However, watch the technologies that you will see coming from mobile phones, including some early indicators that the next iPhone MAY have dual cameras that allow for what we are calling “Augmented Reality”. (Don’t love the term but am intrigued by the emerging capacities.) 

Imagine a worker can take out their phone and point to something in the workplace or even on their screen, add a video chat with another resource, and have “performance support” content appear over the picture.  This ability for the user to mix and call forth content that is overlaid on a visual in the camera is where we see performance support moving. 

In the coming months, we will see the merger of Augmented Reality, Phones, Machine Learning, and more.  It has huge implications for the world of marketing, apps, and I believe Workplace Augmented content.  The technology has to blend into the learner’s daily reality vs. donning a heavy headset.  Here is one of the articles to check out: 

2. Join Free Video Briefing on August 9th on Learning Trends: I will be doing a Live and Free one hour video briefing on Learning Trends and Challenges in 2017 on August 9th.  There are already over 1,300 learning colleagues signed up for this briefing.  Check out the content and hope you can join me: 

3. Julian Stodd and Nigel Paine “British Invasion” :)  Two of the most interesting learning authors and analysts from the United Kingdom are coming to our Learning 2017 Main Stage in October. 

Julian Stodd is the author of “The Social Leadership Handbook”.  He looks at the design of Scaffolded Social Learning and the impact of Social Collaborative Leadership.  I am honored to be interviewing Julian as a Keynoter and he will be facilitating conversations on this topic at Learning 2017. 

Nigel Paine is the author of  “The Learning Challenge: Dealing with Technology, Innovation and Change in Learning and Development”.  Nigel is a MASIE Learning Fellow and will be keynoting and leading a range of sessions. 

Complete details on our British colleagues at: 

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