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977 - Labor Day, Work and Learning

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - September 2, 2017.
#977 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology Since 1997.
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1. Labor Day, Work & Learning.
2. Big & Small Data for Teachers & Trainers.
3. Countdown to Learning. 

1. Labor Day, Work & Learning: Labor Day in the United States has always been an intense mixture of thoughts, emotions and anticipations for me.  When I was growing up, Labor Day meant: 

- The end of summer.
- The start of school in just a few days (which I loved).
- Buying new school supplies (especially a new notebook and looseleaf reinforcements).
- The leaves starting to change as Fall approached.
- In other words, it was a time of change and a focus on learning. 

In political terms, Labor Day was a celebration of Labor and the role of organized labor associations and unions.  It was a time to celebrate the role that Work, Workers and Skills played in our society.  There were often parades in Manhattan, where I grew up, of plumbers, transit workers and other craft trade unions. 

As Labor Day approaches this year, these themes re-emerge for me.  Labor Day now means: 

- The start of the “school year”.  I still think of the year starting with the “start” of school.
- A reflection on Learning.  I bought a few new books this week and signed up for an online course.
- Honoring time of work and workers.  Our societies depend on the skills and readiness of the workforce.
- Hope for more efforts on Apprenticeships, Lifelong Learning, Learning Culture and more.
- A time for planning my own development and “stretch” experiences. 

We should more deeply leverage Labor Day to recognize, celebrate and support Work, Workers and Learning in the Workplace.  As the tools of learning extend to our phones, social networks and beyond, ask yourself and your circle of people to think about Labor Day, Work and Learning. 

“All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” Martin Luther King, Jr. 

On this Labor Day, let us also think of and celebrate the work, skills and sense of community that is supporting the residents of Texas. 

2. Big & Small Data for Teachers & Trainers: Much of the conversation about “Big Data” has focused on assessment and improvement of the learning activities and processes we create for our workforce.  

We should extend this conversation to consider the role of Big Data (and small data) on providing feedback, adjustment and optimization of Teachers and Trainers in their roles as leaders and facilitators of learning. 

Most data conversations are focused on looking at the “overall” impact from or reaction to a learning experience.  We may gather some data about how the teacher is presenting, but it usually stays at a macro level. 

I am intrigued to drill down and look at my own teaching skills.  It would be powerful (and perhaps jarring) to understand: 

- Which types of learners learn best or worst from me as a teacher?
- Which type of content do I explain and explore best or worst?
- What length of content delivery is my ideal and where do I waste time or focus?
- When do I “over-teach” or focus on content that is better delivered in a different method?
- What is my reaction to “under-motivated” learners?
- What is the class reaction of my presence as a teacher and how do I use or ignore their early reactions?
- How would my teaching change if I shifted the sequence of learning elements? 

This level of data is never really collected or shared back to the trainer/teacher.  Yet, with deep feedback, Effective Teaching can be optimized.  People who are teaching can be coached and supported to continually align their teaching methods, content, style and process to help their learners get to readiness as effectively as possible. 

3. Countdown to Learning: Labor Day weekend also is our signal moment that we are just 2 months away from hosting thousands of our learning colleagues at Learning 2017 (Oct 22 to 25 - Orlando, Florida USA). 

People often ask me about the process of organizing an event for thousands.  It is a combination of producing a Broadway Show, organizing a huge wedding and helping a single individual learn a new task. 

Labor Day also triggers the Countdown to Learning 2017: 

- On Tuesday, we start to place 180 magnets on a scheduling board, to time what experiences will happen in each of the 9 Activity Blocks.
- We are starting to create a brand new song and dance number that will focus on Learning in this digital and changing time.  Fun to work with artists in Seattle, New York and overseas on this WOW experience that will be at the start of Learning 2017.
- Working with the staff for our keynoters to format their time with conversations and experiences with our participants.
- Designing how to use a massive screen (over 70 feet wide) at our General Sessions with video from 6 cameras and real-time content from the audience to have WOW experiences - even at the back of the room.
- Collaborating with our 30 Under 30 Alumni on Reverse Mentoring, Learning Escape Rooms, Storytelling LABs, Learning TV, Gamification LABs, Innovation Sessions and more. 

We are now at 1,124 registrations and it is growing every day.  We encourage our colleagues to register early, as the hotel rooms at the conference hotel are filling rapidly.  Go to and check out the content, experiences and excitement.  Hope to learn with you in Orlando in October!

Yours in learning, 

Elliott Masie
Twitter: @emasie 

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