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978 - Daily Checklists, Diversity & Inclusion, Character Day

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - September 6, 2017.
#978 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology Since 1997.
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1. Daily Checklists - Change Happens Over Time.
2. Diversity & Inclusion: Jayzen Patria Keynotes.
3. Character Day - September 13th.
4. More Emergencies & Readiness: Texas, Florida and South Korea. 

1. Daily Checklists - Change Happens Over Time.  I am an amazing fan of Daily Checklists for changes that one wants to make.  The reality of checking a box or adding a number EVERY DAY, creates a continual process of self-checking.  And, if you can have a colleague or coach lightly monitor your checklist, it adds even greater accountability. 

These can be focused on personal health, delegation habits, planning methods or even cleaning a machine at the workplace. 

On a personal level, I started a weight loss plan on New Years Day, which we often do.  This time, I made a commitment to add the details of what I ate at every meal, the exercise and walking that I did every day, and my weight in the morning.  And, I asked a nutrition coach to lightly monitor it. 

Good news is that I went from 229 pounds to 194 pounds as of this morning.  But, more importantly, it has changed my cholesterol and other health findings. 

Checklists are an intriguing model - and keeping them going for a very long time (or maybe longer) works! 

2. Diversity & Inclusion - Jayzen Patria Keynotes: I am honored to add Jayzen Patria as a keynoter on Diversity & Inclusion at Learning 2017.  I have known Jayzen for many years as a colleague and learning thought leader.  Now, as an energizing and pragmatic speaker and change agent, Jayzen will share key perspectives at our event.  Go to his bio at: 

3. Character Day - September 13th! Tiffany Shlain, one of my favorite thinkers and videographers sponsors, a global broadcast on September 13th.  Check it out at 

4. More Emergencies & Readiness - Texas, Florida and South Korea: What a year for emergencies.  As you have read, Emergency Readiness should be an added focus for the Learning and Development Field.  From the floods in Texas to the coming Hurricane headed to Florida to our colleagues in South Korea having bombing simulations, it is clear that we have to extend the reach of Learning and Development to the Emergency Readiness arena and partner with internal and external subject matter partners.  

Our thoughts and prayers go to those regions facing these emergencies.  And, thanks to the Responders and Volunteers who bravely respond. 

Yours in learning, 

Elliott Masie
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